Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ron Paul Finishes 2nd in New Hampshire!

Ron Paul finished 2nd place tonight in New Hampshire. With 73% of the votes counted, Ron Paul has 39,773 votes or 24% of the vote, behind Mitt Romney who has 64,122 votes or 38% of the vote, and ahead of Jon Huntsman who finished 3rd with 28,244 votes or 17%.
When Ron Paul finished 3rd in Iowa's popular vote the other day, a countless number of people in the mainstream media along with political experts in Washington declared Ron Paul's finish a high watermark for his campaign during the GOP primary season. Just one week later, Paul has already proved them wrong with a 2nd place finish. NIA believes that once Americans learn the truth about Paul and what he represents compared to Romney who is a puppet of the Federal Reserve, Paul has a real chance of becoming the nominee to take on Obama.
After Iowa, the media declared Santorum the only candidate with the ability to defeat Romney, despite the fact that most Americans have never heard of Santorum and he doesn't have the infrastructure in place to win a nationwide campaign. NIA said that out of the three best performing candidates in Iowa, only Romney and Paul have the infrastructure in place to win the nomination on a nationwide level. The truth is, Paul tied Romney and Santorum in Iowa for first place, because they will each receive 7 delegates from the state. The delegates are what determines the winner of the GOP nomination.
After tonight's results in New Hampshire, Paul is now in second place alone behind Romney in terms of delegates. Santorum only received less than 10% of the votes in New Hampshire, about the same as Newt Gingrich. If Paul finishes strong in South Carolina on January 21st, it is likely that many of the other candidates will drop out and all of the attention will be on just Romney and Paul. NIA predicts that at that point, Romney will refuse to debate Paul.
NIA's new video 'The Romney Con' is receiving rave reviews and has already been viewed over 115,000 times in just 4 days. 'The Romney Con' exposes the truth about Mitt Romney and why America needs to support Ron Paul. The best way that we can support Ron Paul besides donating is spreading the word about 'The Romney Con' so that as many Americans watch the video as possible:
NIA's staff spent countless hours away from their families throughout the holiday season putting 'The Romney Con' together in order to help Ron Paul (even working on Christmas and New Years Eve). So that Romney supporters don't accuse us of bashing Romney's name to promote our organization, NIA doesn't discuss itself in the video except for its logo being displayed for half a second at the very end.

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