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The Largest Bubble in U.S. History

  The Largest Bubble in U.S. History

On August 6th after S&P downgraded the U.S. debt rating from AAA to AA+ with a negative outlook, NIA prayed that Americans would not make the mistake of buying U.S. Treasuries as a safe haven. We normally don't pray about economic matters, but only God can save the U.S. economy today as well as investors who have been brainwashed into believing U.S. government dollar-denominated bonds are a safe place to store wealth. Unfortunately, only when hyperinflation arrives will the majority of American citizens realize that fiat U.S. dollars should be used as a medium of exchange only and not a place to store wealth.

Since NIA was launched two and a half years ago, the overwhelming majority of our economic predictions have come true, with many of our accurate predictions being unique only to us. Sometimes we are a bit early with our predictions, but they almost always eventually come true. One of our predictions that we have been wrong about in the short-term, but will be proven right about later this decade, is the collapse of the U.S. Treasury market.
We thought there was a chance that many Americans would once again make the mistake of buying U.S. Treasuries during the recent sell-off of global financial markets, but we were shocked to see the yields of some U.S. Treasuries such as the 10-year bond, decline to new record lows. The yields of many government bonds have fallen through their lows of late-2008, but unlike the liquidity crisis of late-2008 when gold prices declined to a low of $720 per ounce, gold futures on August 22nd reached a new all time nominal high of $1,899.40 per ounce.
NIA likes gold as a bet against the U.S. Treasury market, which we believe is the largest bubble in world history. Any investor buying 10-year Treasuries with a yield of only 2.20% needs to have their head examined. Based on official Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, year-over-year price inflation in the U.S. is already 3.63%. NIA estimates the real rate of price inflation to currently be approximately 8% and we project real price inflation to reach double-digits next year. NIA finds it very unlikely that the U.S. will be able to survive the next ten years without hyperinflation.
Take a look at the long-term chart of 10-year yields below. After the inflationary crisis of the 1970s, 10-year yields surged to a high in the early-1980s of 14.5%. After inflation began to decline in the mid-1980s, the 10-year yield bottomed at 7% before rising again to 9%. In the 1990s, the 10-year yield averaged around 6.5%.

With the help of NIA's critically acclaimed economic documentaries including 'Meltup', 'The Dollar Bubble', and 'Hyperinflation Nation' that have been seen by millions of people, a larger percentage of the investment community is educated than ever before about the currency crisis that is ahead. We estimate that about 1/10 of our country now finally understands that as long as we are running massive budget deficits with our government making no real attempt to cut spending in a meaningful way, gold will keep increasing in nominal value and the U.S. dollar will continue losing its purchasing power. However, 9/10 of our nation still doesn't understand why they should own gold and would chase after $1,000 in cash being blown by the wind before picking up a 1 oz gold coin lying below them on the ground.
Investors today are buying and selling assets based on what they perceive to be risk assets and safe haven assets. Market volatility is now at a level last seen in March of 2009 towards the end of the last financial crisis. On days with either positive economic news or rumors that Bernanke is getting ready to unleash QE3, stock prices rise while the prices of both gold and U.S. Treasuries fall. On days with either negative economic news or rumors that Bernanke is unlikely to unleash QE3, stock prices fall while both gold and U.S. Treasury prices rise. Investors are buying both gold and U.S. Treasuries as a safe haven. Those buying U.S. Treasuries as a safe haven are doing so based on the market's actions in late-2008 when Treasuries rallied with the stock market collapsing. They fail to realize that every financial crisis is different and the next crisis will be nothing like 2008.
In 2008, we had a crisis due to a lack of liquidity. Today, the world is flooded with liquidity, but most people don't realize it yet because trillions of dollars are being hoarded on the sidelines and not chasing goods and services. Nobody knew for sure in 2008 how the Federal Reserve would react to the liquidity crisis. If the Federal Reserve did the right thing and allowed banks to fail we would have experienced many years of deflation. The Federal Reserve has made it clear that they will print enough money to bailout all major banks or other companies deemed "too big to fail". We are in a situation where the worse the economy gets, the more money the Fed will print and the higher prices of all assets will rise.
NIA predicts right now that over the next 16 months between now and the end of calendar year 2012, we will see the largest short-term increase in 10-year bond yields on a percentage basis in history. With CPI growth increasing for eight straight months and even the Fed's misleading core-CPI growth up 290% since October on a year-over-year basis, investors will soon realize that it is far too risky to own bonds that are paying such low yields.
President Obama yesterday nominated Alan Kreuger to lead his Council of Economic Advisers. We laughed when he heard Obama tell Kreuger that it will be tough for him to fill the shoes of Austan Goolsbee, who recently left his post to resume teaching at the University of Chicago. Whether it be Kreuger, Goolsbee, or Christina Romer (who preceded Goolsbee), they are all Keynesians who believe that more government spending and intervention is the key to bringing down unemployment and having a healthy economy.
Krueger worked in the White House during the first two years of the Obama administration as assistant Treasury secretary for economic policy. Krueger received his Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University and has worked at Princeton University since 1987, where his mail frequently gets mixed up with fellow Keynesian and New York Times op-ed columnist Paul Krugman. Krueger is the author of a book that was written solely to convince readers that having a high minimum wage doesn't cause unemployment. It should be common sense to all NIA members that if the government raised the minimum wage to $50 per hour, unemployment would rise dramatically as most jobs paying wages below $50 per hour would be destroyed. The truth is, eliminating the U.S. minimum wage would create thousands of new entry-level jobs in America and help lower the unemployment rate. Krueger was also instrumental in developing the "cash-for-clunkers" program, which NIA has written about on many occasions as being a monumental disaster for the U.S. economy.
It is absurd how the mainstream media calls Ron Paul an extremist for wanting to eliminate government intervention in our financial markets, reduce government spending, balance the budget, stop the Fed from printing money, and return to sound money. In NIA's opinion, Krueger is the real extremist. If there was no minimum wage and there never was "cash-for-clunkers", many unemployed 17 year old kids who are home on Facebook, could instead be out earning enough money to buy their own used car. The youth unemployment rate is currently double the overall unemployment rate and used car prices are up 20% during the past year, because of the policies supported by Krueger.
The U.S. government used "cash-for-clunkers" to buy phony GDP growth in 2009, stealing from future automobile sales. After the "cash-for-clunkers" program ended, General Motors reported that their sales in August of 2010 declined 25% from sales in August of 2009. NIA predicted on September 1, 2010, that this would lead to a sharp contraction in GDP growth and cause the Fed to unleash the mother of all quantitative easing. Two months later on November 3, 2010, the Fed announced $600 billion in additional quantitative easing.
GDP growth in the 4Q of 2010 declined to 3.14% on a year-over-year basis, down from 3.51% in the 3Q of 2010. GDP growth has continued to decline lower this year to 2.24% in the first quarter and 1.55% in the second quarter (which was just revised downward from an initial estimate of 1.62%). The BLS used a price deflator of only 2.5% in the 2Q. In our opinion, real GDP in the U.S. today is already in negative territory. With it becoming increasingly likely that official year-over-year GDP changes will become negative by the end of calendar year 2011, it is only a matter of time before the Federal Reserve unleashes QE3 in disguise under a new name.
With the Federal Reserve no longer reporting the M3 money supply, the broadest measure of money supply currently reported by the Fed is M2. During the past few weeks, the U.S. has been seeing a very alarming rise in M2. The M2 money supply has risen $228.5 billion over the past four weeks to $9.5218 trillion. On an annualized basis, this equals a 32% increase in M2. Much of this gain can be attributed to people moving funds from institutional money funds and large time deposits into checking and savings accounts. Investors are nervous about the state of our economy and as soon as the investment community begins to realize that the next economic crisis will be a currency crisis, not a liquidity crisis, we will see the world lose confidence in the U.S. dollar and rush out of U.S. Treasuries and into gold, silver, and other real assets.
It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at:

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Facts and Truth About U.S. Inflation, Debt, and Political Crisis


Facts and Truth About U.S. Inflation, Debt, and Political Crisis

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) yesterday released their consumer price index (CPI) data for the month of July. The BLS reported an increase in year-over-year CPI growth to 3.63%, the highest rate of U.S. price inflation since October of 2008. July's official government reported year-over-year U.S. price inflation rate of 3.63% was up from 3.56% in June, 3.57% in May, 3.16% in April, 2.68% in March, 2.11% in February, 1.63% in January, 1.5% in December, and 1.1% in November.
The official rate of U.S. price inflation has increased by 230% over the last eight months. NIA conservatively projects the official rate of U.S. price inflation to surpass 4% by year-end and 5% in early 2012. NIA estimates the real rate of U.S. price inflation, without geometric weighting and hedonics, to currently be approaching 8%. NIA projects the real rate of U.S. price inflation to reach double-digit territory by mid-2012, if not much sooner.
Gold prices today reached a new all time high of $1,877 per ounce. Gold is the best gauge of inflation, not the CPI. On June 15th when the BLS reported May CPI data, gold was trading for only $1,520 per ounce. Even though the BLS reported a year-over-year CPI increase for the month of May of 3.16%, the mainstream media reported that inflation was slowing down and not a problem because gas prices were declining. Although seasonal adjusted gas prices in the month of May were down 2%, NIA reported to you that non-adjusted gas prices actually rose 3.6%. NIA then warned you that the BLS's seasonal adjustments will reverse beginning in the month of July and start boosting reported gas prices.
NIA was right, seasonal adjusted gas prices in the month of July increased 4.7%. The mainstream media intentionally misled Americans about price inflation during the month of June, but the world is now recognizing the truth about how U.S. price inflation is spiraling out of control with the price of gold having risen 23% since mid-June. The investment community is also finally realizing what NIA has been saying for years, inflation does not create real economic growth.
The Dow Jones declined today by 172.93 points to 10,817.65 and the Dow Jones/Gold ratio fell to 5.84. The Dow Jones/Gold ratio is declining at a faster rate than even we expected. NIA was one of the only organizations in the world to accurately predict that the Dow Jones/Gold ratio would decline to 6.5 in 2011. NIA continues to believe that the Dow Jones/Gold ratio will decline to 1 this decade, which will mean another 83% loss for Dow Jones stocks in terms of real money.
The lower the stock market declines in the near-term, the greater the chances are that the Federal Reserve will soon unleash QE3 in disguise under a new name. Despite gold reaching a new all time high, the core-CPI, which the Federal Reserve likes to use to gauge inflation because it excludes food and energy prices, is currently up 1.77% on a year-over-year basis, compared to an annual gain of 0.61% in October of last year. Even though core-CPI growth appears to still be low, year-over-year core-CPI growth has increased by 290% since October of last year, a larger gain on a percentage basis than the official CPI. Ever since the Federal Reserve announced QE2 in November of last year, core-CPI has increased for nine straight months.
By the time the 2012 Presidential election comes around, inflation will be the top concern on the minds of all Americans. Inflation will be an even bigger concern than unemployment, because nobody will want to have a job that pays them a salary in U.S. dollars. The only Presidential candidate who has the knowledge and courage necessary to preserve what little purchasing power the U.S. dollar still has left is Ron Paul. NIA supports Ron Paul to become the Republican nominee in the 2012 U.S. Presidential election. To become the Republican nominee, Ron Paul will need to win the Republican presidential primaries. Unlike the general election to be held on November 6th, 2012, the Republican primaries are a series of primary elections and caucuses that are spread out over five months beginning in February.
Iowa is always the first state to vote and will have their caucuses on February 6th, followed by New Hampshire on February 14th, Nevada on February 18th, and South Carolina on February 28th. The results of the first few primaries/caucuses usually influence how people will vote in the following primaries/caucuses. It is important for a candidate to build momentum early on. If a candidate doesn't have a strong showing in early primary states, they frequently drop out of the race before all of the primaries/caucuses are completed.
The way the primaries are structured gives voters in early primary states, especially voters in Iowa, a lot of power compared to voters in states like New York who very often don't vote until the nominee has already been determined. About six months before every Iowa Republican primary is the Ames Straw Poll, an unofficial Presidential straw poll that takes place in Ames, Iowa, of who Iowa voters are planning to support in their caucuses. The 2011 Ames Straw Poll just took place on August 13th with Michele Bachmann finishing first place with 4,823 votes and Ron Paul coming in second with 4,671 votes, only 152 votes behind Bachmann.
To attend the Ames Straw Poll and have the opportunity to vote in the poll, attendees were required to purchase a ticket priced at $30. Bachmann gave her supporters 6,000 free tickets at a cost to her campaign of $180,000. Only 80% of the people she gave free tickets to actually voted for her and that's assuming none of the people who bought tickets voted for her. Bachmann didn't just pay for the entrance of 6,000 people who she thought supported her, but she paid a small fortune to have Grammy Award winning country singer Randy Travis perform in a special air-conditioned tent. Bachmann even paid to transport forty bus loads of Randy Travis fans to the event, who were required to register at the Bachmann table and vote before seeing the entertainment.
With Bachmann spending a total of nearly $1 million on this event, she should have won the straw poll in a blow out. Click on the link below to see a shocking video we just posted to the NIA blog of the never ending line of Bachmann "supporters" registering at her table so that they could vote without paying the $30 fee. NIA believes that many of these people pretended to support her in order to get free tickets, but actually voted for Ron Paul:
The morning after Bachmann's phony victory, she appeared on five different nationwide talk shows. Ron Paul wasn't allowed to appear on any, with both 'Meet the Press' and 'Fox News Sunday' canceling interviews they had scheduled with him. Meet the Press spent the morning talking about Bachmann's win and Tim Pawlenty dropping out of the race after finishing third with less than half of the votes of Bachmann and Ron Paul. They barely mentioned Ron Paul even when he finished in a statistical dead heat with Bachmann.
Even more frustrating and disturbing, the Wall Street Journal published a long article Sunday morning about the race and it focused almost entirely on Bachmann's straw poll win and Rick Perry's entry into the race. The article only had one sentence about Ron Paul that read, “Libertarian Ron Paul, who has no chance to win the nomination, finished a close second.” On Monday morning, Ron Paul was scheduled to appear on NBC’s 'Today' show, but that interview was canceled as well with an NBC official saying it was due to "logistics and timing reasons with the news in Indiana and Somalia."
The mainstream media believes that if they repeat "Ron Paul has no chance of winning" enough times, it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The same applies to the media constantly referring to Mitt Romney as the front-runner. The media supports Romney because they like how he is a part of the Republican establishment and if elected would stick with the status quo in Washington.
Four years ago when Ron Paul was relatively unknown, Romney was the winner of the 2007 Ames Straw Poll. Rudy Giuliani and John McCain, who were both also seeking the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, chose not to participate in the 2007 Ames Straw Poll. Romney at the time in his own words called Giuliani and McCain cowards. Romney said, "I think if they thought they could have won, they would have been here," and "If you can't compete in the heartland, if you can't compete in Iowa in August, how are you going to compete in January when the caucuses are held, and how are you going to compete in November of '08?"
NIA believes that if Romney thought that he could have won the 2011 Ames Straw Poll, he would have been there. Romney knows that he lost all of his grassroots supporters when he spoke out in favor of the Federal Reserve's destructive monetary policies and said Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was doing a good job. Romney showed his true colors when he said that the Federal Reserve is a non-issue and that he won't be discussing it during his campaign. He has now proven himself to be a hypocrite who was scared of looking bad by losing to Ron Paul in the straw poll and losing his "front-runner" status that was handed to him by the mainstream media. If Romney was afraid to compete in Iowa this month, NIA sees no chance of him winning in Iowa this February and no chance of him winning the Republican nomination.
With Iowa voters having a lot of power being in the first primary state, Iowa residents have spent more time researching the candidates than residents of most other states. Because Iowa voters are educated on the issues, especially issues affecting the economy, the media knew Ron Paul would have a strong showing in the Ames Straw Poll and for weeks leading up to it ran countless stories designed to downplay the poll and make it seem irrelevant. One Fox News reporter even went as far as saying that winning the straw poll is a negative and makes it nearly impossible to win the nomination. None of these things were said before the poll in 2007 because the media knew their darling Romney would win.
All educated Americans who understand the facts and truth about the U.S. economy and inflation are in strong support of Ron Paul because of his 24 year record in Congress of voting against increases in government spending and taxes, and voting for measures to strengthen our currency and reduce monetary inflation. Ron Paul stands for everything that NIA believes in such as liberty, freedom, and sound money. He has done more to protect the U.S. Constitution than any other person in Washington. Our founding fathers had the foresight 224 years ago to see the economic problems we have today. Even back then, rulers of nations had a history of coin clipping, replacing the silver in coins with base metals, and implementing other measures that stole from the purchasing power of ordinary citizens. Our founding fathers never would have imagined just how easy it has become to create inflation, where now the Federal Reserve with the click of a mouse can credit trillions of dollars to any banking institution worldwide.
For years, the media has dismissed Ron Paul's fight against the Federal Reserve and its destruction of the U.S. dollar. The media calls Ron Paul's ideas radical, but NIA believes Ron Paul is the most sane person in Washington. NIA believes balancing the budget, auditing the Federal Reserve, returning to a gold standard, and bringing our troops home from the Middle East, are all sane ideas that must be implemented if we want to have any hope of avoiding hyperinflation.
Rick Perry, the governor of Texas who just entered the race for the Republican presidential nomination, was recently asked about the Federal Reserve and in response he called Bernanke's acts of printing money "treasonous". NIA was the first to call Bernanke's actions treasonous. Back on December 9th of last year, NIA released an article entitled "WikiLeaks, Bernanke, and Hyperinflation" in which NIA said that it was "deeply disturbed by how U.S. politicians and the mainstream media have been calling for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to be charged with treason." Although in no way does NIA support Assange or his actions, we expressed in our article how we don't believe it is a treasonous act to help spread the truth about our country's foreign policy and other sensitive topics when the information he posted was given to him and in no way did he hack any government systems to obtain it.
NIA went on to state in its December 9th article, "If there is one American who deserves to be charged with treason, it is Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke." It is not humanly possible to betray ones country in a way that is more egregious than Bernanke's despicable acts. NIA is currently in the process of producing a sequel to its critically acclaimed documentary 'Meltup', which has received over 1.1 million views with 96% of its viewers "liking" the movie and only 4% "disliking" it, a record for YouTube documentaries at least 50 minutes in length with over 1 million views. NIA's sequel to 'Meltup' will expose the latest updated facts and truth about the U.S. economy, Federal Reserve, and inflation. It will set a whole new standard as the most in-depth, informative, educational, and entertaining economic documentary ever produced. Most importantly, it will expose why Bernanke's actions are indeed treasonous.
As far as Rick Perry is concerned, he is really no different than Romney. Perry like Romney is a governor who was elected to office due to his strong ties to the Republican establishment. Both Perry and Romney according to many media pundits look very Presidential. You will never hear Perry or Romney speak a word about bringing our troops home, repealing legislation that invades Americans' privacy rights without making us any safer here at home, and eliminating entire departments of government including the Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Homeland Security. These unnecessary bureaucracies have done nothing but add to our budget deficits, without a single success story to justify their existence.
Perry is not a true fiscal conservative. He and his wife complained that the Texas governor's mansion was too small and is now spending $11 million of President Obama's stimulus money to renovate and expand its size. With the construction now taking place at the governor's mansion and Perry unable to live there, Texas taxpayers have so far spent $700,000 to rent him an even bigger Texas mansion and to cover expenses at the mansion including Neiman Marcus window coverings and a subscription to Food & Wine Magazine.
What is unbelievable to us is that Perry for the most part has been a career politician, yet he has somehow managed to become a multi-millionaire while spending nearly all of his time in public office earning a relatively modest salary. Of course, if Perry was elected President, nothing much will change from the Obama administration and within a few years, he might become a multi-billionaire because a billionaire will be the new millionaire. Make no mistake about it, Perry may be trying to differentiate himself from Romney by speaking out against the Fed, but as President of the United States of America, NIA guarantees that Perry wouldn't do a damn thing to limit the Fed's powers and stop it from wiping out both the savings of senior citizens and the purchasing power of their Social Security checks. Perry is already in the pocket of the big banks and we just posted an 11 second video on the NIA blog that proves it:
Tomorrow, Saturday, August 20th, is Ron Paul's birthday. To celebrate his birthday and help build momentum for his Presidential campaign, Ron Paul supporters have organized a huge "moneybomb" that starts at midnight tonight. If you would like to give Ron Paul the best possible birthday President and help increase the chances of our nation's survival, please make a donation beginning at midnight tonight by going to:
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WTP UPDATE: JULY 26 -- NCEL -- No Machine Vote Counting: DANGER!--


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S&P Downgrades U.S. Debt Rating

S&P just announced late this evening that they have downgraded the U.S. debt rating from AAA to AA+ with a negative outlook.
NIA is absolutely shocked by this. What shocks us is just how long it took them to make this downgrade. Just like how S&P and Moody's didn't downgrade subprime CDOs until the mortgage-backed bonds they held were practically worthless, S&P waited for U.S. debt obligations to reach five times GDP and for the U.S. dollar to lose 84% of its purchasing power over the course of a single decade. The U.S. was a hair away from defaulting on its debt this week if the debt ceiling wasn't raised, yet it still had a AAA rating.
NIA believes that a AAA rating should be reserved for countries that have budget surpluses, low levels of debt that could easily be paid off without printing money, and low levels of inflation. The U.S. had a cash budget deficit last year of $1.3 trillion, but once you include increases to unfunded liabilities, our real budget deficit was approximately $5 trillion. Even if Americans were taxed 100% of their income it wouldn't be enough to balance the budget.
It is hard to imagine a fiscal situation worse than this, but the credit ratings agencies have justified giving the U.S. a AAA rating based on the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency and the Federal Reserve's ability to monetize our deficits and debts by printing money. If it wasn't for our printing press and the world's willingness to accept and hoard the dollars we print in return for the real products and commodities they produce, the U.S. credit rating would be junk.
S&P claims that their reason for downgrading the U.S. debt rating at this time is because, "the differences between political parties have proven to be extraordinarily difficult to bridge". According to S&P, it is because our two political parties are so far apart that we weren't able to pass a bill with anything but modest spending cuts. The reality is, the Republicans and Democrats aren't far apart at all. Neither parties are serious about cutting spending and the underlying fundamentals of both their proposed bills were exactly the same. The Republicans that American tea party supporters elected to office have broken their promises to make major spending cuts and have accomplished absolutely nothing positive since entering office.
Our country just had an unbelievable opportunity to dramatically cut government spending in a last ditch effort to prevent hyperinflation. Instead, our government passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling that had no real spending cuts at all. The mainstream media tried to spin the bill into being a victory for U.S. tea party supporters due to the purported "spending cuts" that it contained. The truth is, government spending is set to rise every single year until the dollar is worthless. The $2.1 trillion in phony spending cuts are only tiny reductions to large spending increases and none of them will begin until early 2013 when we will need to once again raise the debt ceiling. Even if the government in early 2013 decides to follow through with them, rising interest payments on our national debt will mean substantially larger budget deficits than what are projected today.
Credit ratings agencies have absolutely zero credibility left and we believe that with hyperinflation coming soon, credit ratings will become a thing of the past. To capitalize on this, on May 23rd NIA suggested to you put options in the only publicly traded pure credit ratings play, Moody's (MCO). On May 23rd with MCO trading for $37.90, NIA suggested to you MCO November 2011 $35 put options at $1.98. MCO today closed at $32.88 and our MCO put option suggestion finished the day with a last trade of $5.20 for a huge gain of 163% in a little over two months. NIA is very pleased that we figured out the #1 most profitable way to capitalize on the major fundamental shift that is taking place in this industry and as far as we are aware, NIA is the only organization in the world that suggested MCO puts in recent months.

With the stock market down big in recent weeks, NIA believes that this evening's news is already mostly factored into stock prices. With the Fed Funds Rate having been left near zero for over two years, the world is flooded with excess liquidity of U.S. dollars and there is no chance of the stock market crashing like in late-2008/early-2009. In fact, the recent downward move in the stock market means the Federal Reserve is likely to soon implement additional monetary inflation measures and will leave the Fed Funds Rate near zero permanently.
The GDP was already on its way to becoming negative in the second half of 2011 and if the U.S. wants to avoid a debt default later this decade, it needs the Federal Reserve to print enough money to see at least 5% annual nominal GDP growth. It's not just the Federal Government that needs GDP to grow, but most cities and states will default on their debts if GDP doesn't grow rapidly. Cities and states don't have printing presses so unless the U.S. government wants to bail them all out like the European Union is bailing out Greece, Portugal, and Ireland, it needs to create GDP growth even if that means the Federal Reserve eliminating interest payments on the $1.6 trillion in excess reserves held by banks and taxing banks who don't lend the money.
NIA prays that Americans don't make the mistake of buying U.S. Treasuries as a safe haven, as they are now the riskiest asset of all. If U.S. Treasuries rally next week, it will only be temporary and will be followed by the largest and sharpest reversal in history with a crash in Treasury prices and an explosion in yields like never seen before. Most Keynesian economists will likely forecast rising Treasury prices despite the U.S. debt crisis, because they claim the bond markets in other countries are tiny compared to ours and there simply is no other place to park safe haven money. In our opinion, there is no reason to own the fiat currency denominated bonds of any country or company. Gold and silver are the only true safe havens and it is our belief that by the end of this year, the U.S. public will begin investing into gold and silver in droves as they realize that although we avoided a debt default for now, a debt default by inflation is still on its way. The largest ever short-term rally in precious metals and mining stocks is ahead.

It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at:

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dow Drops 500 on Obama's Birthday

NIA would like to wish President Obama a Happy Birthday and we hope that he enjoys his birthday present, a more than 500 point drop in the Dow Jones, its largest single day point drop since October of 2008.

The Dow Jones fell today by 512.76 points to 11,383.68, a percentage decline of 4.3%. The Nasdaq declined 5.1% today with the S&P down 4.8%.

The Dow Jones/Gold ratio is now down to 6.9 and is rapidly approaching NIA's prediction for the Dow Jones/Gold ratio to decline this year to 6.5. NIA made this prediction in its top 10 predictions for 2011 on January 4th when the ratio was 8.1.

From an economic standpoint, NIA considers this decline to be a sharp correction due to the world waking up and realizing that the U.S. economic recovery is phony. 1Q GDP growth was recently revised downward by 81% from 1.91% to 0.36%. There is now a strong likelihood of U.S. GDP going negative by the end of 2011, which means the U.S. economy will officially enter a double-dip recession. It is NIA's belief that the recession never ended and we are headed towards a hyperinflationary depression.

From a technical standpoint, NIA believes that today's huge drop was triggered by margin calls. Before yesterday, the market had declined eight days in a row for a total point drop of 857.79. Many investors who didn't have cash to cover these margin calls were forced to liquidate their stock holdings. With all of the U.S. economic uncertainties today, there is a lack of buying in U.S. stocks. Margin call sellers had to take anything they could get for their shares. Some investors were even forced to liquidate their gold and silver in order to cover margin calls, which drove the U.S. dollar and U.S. treasury prices temporarily higher.

If this was late-2008/early-2009, gold would have dropped a lot more than the $7.40 it sold off today. The fact that gold fell so little during a major margin call forced liquidation situation is extremely bullish for where gold is headed by the end of this year.

Today did highlight why for some people gold is better than silver. NIA has always stressed that in order to triple or quadruple your purchasing power this decade by owning silver as opposed to gold, you need to be ready for silver's volatility. Silver's percentage decline today was 13 times larger than gold's percentage decline. For some people, this volatility is simply too much to stomach and they rather just own gold, the safest and most stable asset in the world.

Yesterday evening with the Gold/Silver ratio at 40, we said silver would only slightly outperform gold over the next five months. After today's dip in silver to $38.92 per ounce and rise in the Gold/Silver ratio to 42.4, silver is now a lot more attractive for the short-term than it was yesterday evening.

This stock market correction will not turn into a crash like in late-2008/early-2009. Back then we had a liquidity crisis, but with interest rates today near zero and having been there for over two years, the world is now flooded with excess liquidity of U.S. dollars. Stocks became overvalued in recent months with the Dow Jones/Gold ratio reaching a high on May 5th of 8.36 and were overdue for a large correction. If the stock market continues to fall, we will soon hear from the Federal Reserve who will either unleash QE3 in disguise or act to push the $1.6 trillion in excess reserves of banks into the economy. By the end of 2011, we expect gold and silver stocks to decouple from the rest of the market and for many of them to reach new highs.
NIA's latest gold stock suggestion Mega Precious Metals (TSX Venture: MGP) was one of the only big winners in the market today. MGP gained 7.8% to $0.69 on very strong volume of 809,264. MGP is currently up 86.5% from our May 18th suggestion price of $0.37, while the Dow Jones is down 9.4% during this same time period.
MGP's gold resource base at their Monument Bay project recently grew by 48% to 1.78 million with 592,093 ounces being upgraded from the inferred category to the much more valuable measured and indicated categories. MGP's total gold resource base is now 1.82 million ounces of gold. MGP has about $7 million in cash and no debt. With a market cap of $52.6 million, MGP's enterprise value is only $45.6 million and MGP's gold resource base is being valued at only $25 per ounce or a stunningly low 1.5% of the current gold price of $1,650.

Several huge catalysts are ahead that we believe could send MGP soaring past our highest expectations. In the 4Q of this year, MGP will be announcing its latest Monument Bay 43-101 resource update, which MGP believes could add 300,000 ounces of gold to its measured and indicated resource base and increase the total Monument Bay resource to 2.2 million ounces of gold.
Even sooner, MGP expects to next month release their North Madsen 43-101 resource update. MGP believes that their measured and indicated resource base at North Madsen has the potential to increase nine-fold from 32,511 ounces of gold to 300,000 ounces of gold, and that their inferred resource base at North Madsen could potentially increase two-hundred-fold from 3,416 ounces of gold to 700,000 ounces of gold, for a total resource base at North Madsen of 1 million ounces of gold.
Therefore, between now and the end of 2011 we could see MGP increase their total resource base by another 75.8% to 3.2 million ounces of gold and increase their measured and indicated resource base by another 103% to 1.2 million ounces of gold.

It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at:
Please remember that NIA is not an investment advisor and you should never make investment decisions based on anything we say. Our coverage of MGP is completely unbiased. We don't own any MGP shares and have never bought or sold a single share of MGP. We have never received any form of compensation whatsoever for our coverage of MGP. NIA will gain nothing financially for its coverage of MGP. We are only trying to help our members learn about a company we believe is undervalued so that our members can do their own research and make their own investment decisions.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Market Update

Although NIA was praying that the debt ceiling bill would be voted down, we told you that it would definitely pass and today it was approved by the Senate and President.
Even with the debt ceiling bill passed, the world is waking up to the fact that the U.S. economic recovery is phony, which sent the Dow Jones Index down 265.87 today to 11,866.62. With the Dow Jones in decline we can pretty much guarantee that Bernanke is preparing QE3 in disguise, which could set the stage for hyperinflation to arrive sooner than we originally expected.
As we did expect, gold today rose $37.50 to a new all time high of $1,659.20 per ounce and silver was up $1.476 to $40.785 per ounce.
On January 4th with the Dow Jones/Gold ratio at 8.1, NIA predicted that it would make a major decline in 2011 down to 6.5. We are only into the eighth month of the year and already after today's trading the Dow Jones/Gold ratio is now down to 7.15. NIA remains very confident that its forecast for the ratio to reach 6.5 this year will indeed come true.
Also on January 4th with the Gold/Silver ratio at 46, NIA predicted that it would make a major decline in 2011 down to 38. The Gold/Silver ratio is now down to 40.68 and at one point earlier this year NIA's prediction did come true and the Gold/Silver ratio not only declined to 38 but it fell as low as 30.50. When the Gold/Silver ratio reached 30.50 we said that silver got ahead of itself and would dip, which it did. For the rest of the year we expect silver to slightly outperform gold and for the ratio to once again decline to 38.
NIA's latest gold stock suggestion from 11 weeks ago Mega Precious Metals (TSX Venture: MGP) is looking very strong and closed today at $0.59 up 59% from our May 18th suggestion price of $0.37. The Dow Jones is down 5.5% from May 18th until now and not many stocks are up 59% during this time period. We continue to believe that MGP is undervalued with huge long-term upside potential.
Please remember that NIA is not an investment advisor and you should never make investment decisions based on anything we say.
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Important Debt Ceiling Update

Important Debt Ceiling Update

President Obama just announced late this evening that a deal has been reached to cut government spending and raise the debt ceiling in order to avoid a debt default. If the deal is approved on Monday, it will raise the debt ceiling by between $2.1 and $2.4 trillion in three installments: $400 billion immediately, $500 billion this fall subject to a disapproval vote by Congress, and $1.2 to $1.5 trillion more after a special committee agrees on a matching amount of spending cuts that will be in addition to $900 billion in spending cuts proposed in the bill. With no tax increases included in this plan, all of this additional debt will eventually be monetized and paid for through monetary inflation.

Although the deal is supposed to cut as much as $2.4 trillion in spending over the next decade, Obama said that none of the spending cuts will occur anytime soon so that not to derail the phony economic recovery. That's right, none of the cuts will come until early 2013 and by then we will need to once again raise the debt ceiling to north of $20 trillion. If our elected representatives were serious about cutting spending, they would have the bulk of the spending cuts now and not in the future when many of them will be out of office.
This deal is a complete and total sham, and will do nothing to prevent hyperinflation. In no way will these spending cuts be mandated and nothing will force future Congresses to abide by them. Even with these cuts, government spending is going to increase every single year for the next decade. As price inflation spirals out of control in the years ahead causing the purchasing power of the dollar to plummet, all government employees will demand higher salaries and it will cost more to run all parts of the government. Future Congresses will raise spending and make the spending cuts proposed in this deal meaningless.
NIA believes that all of the events that took place in Washington this weekend were scripted in advance. It is likely that both parties knew from the beginning what deal they would ultimately agree to, but came out with these other proposed bills in order to satisfy tea party supporters and make them think that their efforts are making a difference. The reality is, although the tea party movement helped Republicans take over the House of Representatives so that Democrats didn't have free rein in Washington, most of the new Republicans elected to Congress haven't followed through with their promises and have failed to make any kind of a positive difference.
Everybody in Washington assumes that interest rates will remain at artificially low levels for the rest of this decade. The interest rate that the U.S. paid on its total marketable debt in the month of June was only 2.38%. Exactly one decade earlier, in June of 2001, we paid 6.162% interest on our total marketable debt or 159% higher than current average interest rates. On August 15th we owe our next interest payment of approximately $30 billion. Imagine if that payment rises 159% higher to $77.7 billion or $932.4 billion annualized. Later this decade, interest rates will not only rise back to normal levels like we had in 2001, but will likely rise to artificially high levels to balance out the damage being created today from artificially low interest rates.
If this bill is approved by Congress and the President on Monday, it will avoid a short-term honest debt default but just about guarantee a default by inflation later this decade. There is about a 1 in 1,000 chance that future Congresses will stick with the spending cuts in this bill, but even if they do, rising interest payments will not only wipe out the $2.4 trillion in spending cuts, but they will add trillions more to future deficits and the national debt. A new Gallup Poll shows that 53% of Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling compared to only 37% who favor an increase. We pray that millions of Americans march to Washington tomorrow in protest of this bill and that millions more call, email, and fax their elected representatives in the morning demanding that they vote no.
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