Friday, April 30, 2010

Yesterdays cold is gone

Yesterday it hit 30 degrees again, and our alpacas were warm! Today it was only a brisk 48 degrees. But with the heat coming Sunday and the cold seeming to be mostly gone, I think IT is time for Shearing!

Stay tuned for exact alpaca shearing dates.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Warm Virginia Alpacas

As temps dipped into freezing again this morning for at least the 3rd day in the last couple weeks, I remain or should I say Furbelow's Alpacas remain warm.

While many alpaca farmers have already sheared their alpacas much to their (the pacas) detriment. We all know freezing sucks and getting warm is often more difficult than getting cool, and while most folks tolerate heat much more easily than cold, an alpaca would prefer to be cold rather than hot. But I am sure my alpacas would rather be hot a few days this month than to freeze frequently right before sunrise several times a month. We have had a few hot days in April, but our alpaca are happy and certainly not looking forward to the haircut (at least not the process) which they must inevitably get perhaps starting in the next few days.

It appears most of the cold is behind us, but on our Virginia Farm, it would have snowed if it was percipatating this morning.

On the hot days all of our seasoned alpacas love a steady stream of cold water on their bellies. And with a good spot in the shade and a super high tech hollow fiber they remain comfotable.

Alpaca shearing will commence soon, are there any volunteers for the shearing party? or visit our website @ Furbelow Farm Alpacas, 20 minutes west of Short Pump