Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ron Paul Raises Over $3.8 Million Today!

Ron Paul Raises Over $3.8 Million Today!

A "moneybomb" is being held for Ron Paul today and he has so far raised over $3.8 million. NIA's co-founders will be donating to Ron Paul's campaign this evening. Let's push his total for the day above $4 million! If you would like to also support his campaign by making a donation you can do so by going to:
NIA just released a must see video showing why we support Ron Paul and believe he is the only candidate worthy of being elected as our next President. To watch NIA's Ron Paul video, please go to:
NIA's new economic documentary exposing the truth about Occupy Wall Street will be released very soon!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Ron Paul Has Real Chance of Becoming GOP Nominee

Ron Paul Has Real Chance of Becoming GOP Nominee 

NIA believes that the free market is the number one predictor of the future. We pay a lot of attention to the web site which allows investors to place bets on current events by buying shares on the outcome. Right now on Intrade for the cost of $4.69 you can buy shares that Mitt Romney will become the Republican Presidential Nominee. If Romney is victorious, your shares will become worth $10 and you will more than double your money. If Romney doesn't win the nomination, your shares will become worthless and you will lose your entire investment.
With shares in Romney costing $4.69 it means Romney has a 46.9% chance of winning. Back on November 14th shares in Romney cost $7.15 meaning he had a 71.5% chance of winning. In the last three weeks, Romney has gone from being an overwhelming favorite to no longer having a majority of support.
Along with Romney collapsing, so has Cain who dropped out of the race. Cain had a 9.5% chance of winning on October 15th, but now has only a 0.1% chance of winning. Meanwhile, Rick Perry was exposed as being the phony candidate from Texas. Perry's support has collapsed from 39.4% on September 3rd to only 2.1% today.
With Romney, Cain, and Perry collapsing, where has all of their support gone? Newt Gingrich's chances of winning have increased from a low of 0.8% on September 27th to 33.3% today. Ron Paul's chances of winning have increased from a low of 2.2% on November 8th to 7.4% today. Jon Huntsman's chances of winning have increased from a low of 2.1% on November 7th to 7% today.
Iowa is the first GOP caucus and widely recognized as the first step in becoming the Republican nominee. Intrade doesn't allow you to buy shares for the Iowa caucus, so we can only look at polling. A new PPP poll for the Iowa caucus just released on December 5th shows Gingrich in the lead with 27%, Paul in second with 18%, Romney in third with 16%, and Bachmann in fourth with 13%.
Rather than giving Ron Paul a serious chance of winning Iowa, the media is currently portraying Paul as a potential "spoiler". The Washington Examiner published an article this week with the headline, "Ron Paul could complicate GOP's two-horse race". Despite Paul currently polling second place in the most important primary state, many mainstream media news reports about the election have been mentioning Ron Paul's name before immediately saying, "who has no chance of winning the nomination."
History has shown that just like in a horse race, Presidential candidates who take a big lead early on almost never win the nomination. Those who think Romney will win the nomination also thought that Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani were going to be the two nominees four years ago. If history is right and Romney doesn't win the nomination, the winner will likely be either Gingrich or Paul.
NIA considers Gingrich to be unelectable and predicts that his support will soon evaporate as soon as voters learn the truth about him. Gingrich might as well be a Democrat. He would have zero chance of winning an election against Obama because voters would choose to go with the real thing. In the last Presidential election, voters only had a choice between two candidates who supported the government's bailout of Wall Street. You would think that Americans today would only be supporting candidates who were strongly against the government's bailout of Wall Street. Gingrich stated in 2008 that he "reluctantly and sadly" was supporting the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street. If Gingrich was the nominee, it will be a disaster for America because it will show that nobody in the U.S. has learned a thing.
Gingrich claims to have never favored cap-and-trade, but in 2007 he said that he would "strongly support" cap-and-trade with “a tax-incentive program for investing in the solutions.” He went on to say in 2009 that he might still support cap-and-trade for “the 2,000 most polluting places,” if packaged with green energy incentives. Even more disturbing than Gingrich's support of cap-and-trade, Gingrich was paid $30,000 per month by Freddie Mac as a consultant during the subprime mortgage crisis up until it effectively became a government controlled entity. Gingrich received a total of $1.8 million from Freddie Mac as part of two contracts, one that lasted from mid-1999 to 2002 and another that lasted from 2006 until September of 2008.
NIA believes that Gingrich is largely responsible for skyrocketing health care inflation in the U.S. today. In 2003, Gingrich founded The Center for Health Transformation, which was paid dues of $200,000 per year from health insurance providers and other health care firms. Those dues would provide health care companies with “access to Newt Gingrich” and “direct Newt interaction”, which NIA looks at as bribes that were paid to Gingrich by these health care giants to pass regulations that pushed health care costs through the roof. Gingrich's organization advocated that “anyone who earns more than $50,000 a year must purchase health insurance or post a bond." NIA believes it is unconstitutional for the government to force Americans to buy anything. This type of distortion of the free market by Gingrich is what has helped fuel massive health care inflation for the past decade.
On September 27th when Gingrich's support was only 0.8%, Paul was beating him with support of 2.6%. Gingrich is the latest flavor of the month. We also saw huge spikes in support for Perry and Cain before their support collapsed back to below 2% as voters figured out the truth about them. Paul is the only candidate who has never been below 2% and has enjoyed a very large and solid support base that has been growing consistently. Paul is currently second in Iowa and third nationwide and when voters realize he is the only candidate who will implement the changes that need to be made to save America from hyperinflation, Paul will be the only candidate left standing to take on Obama.
The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism just released a study yesterday of 20 million tweets and it shows that Ron Paul is overwhelmingly viewed more positively on Twitter than all of the other Republican candidates:
After studying 20 million tweets, 55% of tweets about Ron Paul were positive while only 15% were negative. For every other Republican candidate, negative tweets outweighed positive tweets by two-to-one. The mainstream media loves Twitter and when Lindsay Lohan tweeted that she enjoyed NIA's latest documentary, there were dozens of stories in the media about it. However, there was very little media coverage yesterday about the Pew Research Center's findings.
Ron Paul also leads all of the other Republican candidates in Google searches. Paul is currently receiving 823,000 monthly searches on Google compared to Bachmann in second with 673,000 monthly searches and Perry in third with 550,000 monthly searches. Cain and Romney are both tied with only 246,000 monthly searches. Flavor of the month Gingrich who the media is now portraying as the potential new frontrunner has been receiving only 165,000 monthly searches, which shows that Gingrich really has no grassroots support and that his artificial support is being fueled by the mainstream media trying to manipulate the minds of voters.
Ron Paul in September won the California GOP Presidential straw poll, but it got almost no mention at all by the mainstream media. At around the same time, Herman Cain won the Florida GOP Presidential straw poll and it became the number one story on the news with the media declaring Cain a serious threat to win the nomination. If you search on Google for "Ron Paul" and "California straw poll winner" only 25,400 results appear. However, if you search on Google for "Herman Cain" and "Florida straw poll winner" you get 54,600 results.
Last night on FOX News, they kept airing commercials repeatedly for upcoming FOX News segments about Perry and what he is doing to get back into the race with Romney and Gingrich. Perry has no chance of recovering from his current support on Intrade of 2.1%. In a recent GOP debate, Perry copied both Ron Paul and NIA by talking about branches of the government that he claims he wants to eliminate. The only problem is, Perry forgot the branches of government. It became clear to all watching the debate that Perry is merely trying to recite lines that he has memorized and is not a real Presidential candidate. Paul has been talking about eliminating many branches of government for decades and when Paul speaks, you can tell he is a real genuine candidate who speaks for himself and means what he says. Perry is just a parrot and if he were elected, he would not follow through with anything he has been attempting to say.

If you would like your friends and family to be the first to see NIA's new upcoming 'Occupy Wall Street the Documentary', please tell them to become a member of NIA for free immediately at:

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Important Breaking Inflation News

The Federal Reserve along with the European Central Bank, Bank of Canada, Bank of Japan, Bank of England, and the Swiss National Bank are all lowering their U.S. dollar swap rates by 50 basis points! This is going to create massive worldwide monetary inflation and flood the world with U.S. dollars!

 The Fed claims that these coordinated actions will enhance their capacity to provide liquidity support to the global financial system in order to "ease strains in financial markets and thereby mitigate the effects of such strains on the supply of credit to households and businesses and so help foster economic activity."

 It was also announced this morning that arrangements have been made to establish temporary bilateral liquidity swap arrangements so that liquidity can be provided in each jurisdiction in any of their currencies should market conditions so warrant. Although the Fed said, "there is no need to offer liquidity in non-domestic currencies other than the U.S. dollar" at this time, the stage is now set to create massive worldwide monetary inflation in other fiat currencies as well. The whole entire global fiat currency system could soon come to an end. The only solution to the upcoming hyperinflationary crisis will be a global digital gold backed currency.

 NIA believes China will soon announce that they have dramatically increased their gold holdings to backup their rapidly growing foreign currency reserves, which have now reached $3.2 trillion. China's central bank just announced this morning that they are lowering their reserve requirement ratio by 50 basis points to 21% from 21.5%!

 NIA considers precious metal stocks to be extremely undervalued at this time and we believe they are set to outperform gains in gold and silver in the months ahead. We believe silver stocks have the most upside potential and that silver exploration stocks, although the most risky, could be the biggest silver gainers. NIA's latest stock suggestion Mines Management Inc. (MGN), at its current price of $2.10, has the lowest valuation out of all silver exploration stocks we are aware of with an enterprise value of only $39.89 million, which equals a valuation of only $0.173 per ounce of their estimated 230 million ounce silver resource base.

 NIA also sees huge upside potential in alternative energy stocks and sees the biggest potential in ocean energy, because the ocean makes up 71% of the earth's surface and the ocean energy industry is still in its infancy compared to solar and wind. NIA's second to latest stock suggestion Ocean Power Technologies Inc. (OPTT) has established itself as the leader in ocean energy with 41 issued U.S. patents and major partners around the world including the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Department of Energy, Lockheed Martin, Mitsui Engineering in Japan, Iberdrola in Spain, and Leighton Contractors in Australia! OPTT is currently trading for well below its net cash position of $4.10 per share.

 Disclaimer: NIA owns 108,200 shares of OPTT that it purchased at an average price of $3.1079 per share. NIA intends to sell its shares of OPTT in the future and can sell them at any time. NIA also reserves the right to accumulate additional shares of OPTT at any time.

 NIA is not an investment advisor. This email is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. Never make investment decisions based on anything NIA says. This email is meant for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. NIA's co-founders have previously disseminated information about OPTT in other media outlets.

 Additional legal disclaimer information:

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Agriculture Update

On October 30th, 2009, NIA released an article 'U.S. Inflation to Appear Next in Food and Agriculture' in which we said, "A massive rise in agriculture prices is just around the corner."
Since then, as a result of the Federal Reserve's money printing, agricultural commodities made their largest ever short-term gain. After dipping from their 2011 highs, we believe agricultural commodities are likely to soon resume their rally as the Fed prepares QE3. From their lows in 2010, we look for agricultural commodities to make the same percentage gains seen from their lows to highs in the 1970s by the year 2015, at the latest. We look for agricultural commodities to reach their 1970s highs adjusted for the real rate of price inflation by year 2020.
Here are the percentage gains that agricultural commodities made from their lows in 2010 to their highs in 2011:
Cotton +241%, Sugar +164%, Corn +146%, Coffee +142%, Wheat +110%, Orange Juice +63%, Soybeans +57%, Cocoa +49%. Average: +121.5%
After reaching their highs earlier this year, here are the percentages that each agricultural commodity has dipped based on their current prices:
Cotton -60%, Cocoa -37%, Sugar -35%, Wheat -33%, Corn -25%, Coffee -23% Soybeans -21%, Orange Juice -13%. Average: -31%
After dipping, here are their current gains from their lows in 2010 to their current prices:
Coffee +86%, Corn +84%, Sugar +71%, Orange Juice +43%, Wheat +40%, Cotton +37%, Soybeans +24%, Cocoa -6%. Average +47%
Here are the gains these agricultural commodities made from their lows to their highs during the 1970s inflation crisis:
Sugar +2,480%, Cocoa +1,095%, Orange Juice +588%, Coffee +525%, Soybeans +435%, Wheat +404%, Cotton +311%, Corn +265%. Average +763%
Gains these agricultural commodities need to make from current prices to reach the same percentage gains from the 1970s, beginning from their lows in 2010:
Sugar +1,412%, Cocoa +1,169%, Orange Juice +384%, Soybeans +330%, Wheat +260%, Coffee +236%, Cotton +200%, Corn +98%. Average +511%
Gains agricultural commodities need to make from current prices to reach their 1970s highs adjusted for inflation based on the CPI:
Sugar +1,126%, Cocoa +728%, Soybeans +473%, Cotton +443%, Coffee +441%, Wheat +420%, Orange Juice +348%, Corn +200%. Average +522%
Gains agricultural commodities need to make from current prices to reach their 1970s highs adjusted for inflation based on the real rate of price inflation:
Sugar +4,203%, Cocoa +2,810%, Soybeans +1,914%, Cotton +1,809%, Coffee +1,800%, Wheat +1,726%, Orange Juice +1,473%, Corn +954%. Average +2,086%
NIA will be releasing many additional extremely important agriculture updates in the weeks and months ahead.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Important NIA Update - correction


We would first like to quickly correct a small typo in our last alert. The third sentence in the eighth paragraph should have read, "It is amazing how absolutely nobody in the mainstream media is accusing Corzine of doing anything wrong, when $600 million in funds is still missing weeks after MF Global filed for bankruptcy." We mistakenly used the word "excusing", when we meant to say "accusing".
A major development took place today related to two of NIA's stock suggestions, including our latest stock suggestion Mines Management Inc. (MGN).
NIA's previous stock suggestion Revett Minerals Inc. (RVM) today announced that it has received an affirmative decision from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit relating to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) appeal filed by the Rock Creek Alliance and other environmental groups. The Court affirmed "the Fish and Wildlife Service's determination that the mine would entail "no adverse modification" to bull trout critical habitat and would result in "no jeopardy" to grizzly bears was not arbitrary, capricious, or in violation of the Endangered Species Act."
NIA first suggested RVM on March 22nd, 2010, at $1.9975 per share. In our initial report about RVM, we told you in regards to their Rock Creek project that "if the judge issues a negative decision, we could see a short-term sell off in the stock."
Just one week later on March 30th, 2010, RVM announced that "the Forest Service's decision to approve the Rock Creek Mine Project is vacated, and the 2003 Record of Decision and 2001 Final Environmental Impact Statement are set aside and remanded to the Forest Service for further action consistent with the Court's forthcoming opinion."
On March 30th, 2010 after this negative news, RVM dipped to a low of $1.50 per share, but we told you "the odds are in RVM's favor that the project will eventually proceed" and that RVM's temporary decline in share price was a "blessing in disguise for NIA members."
Today, after RVM's very positive court ruling, which makes it likely that their Rock Creek project will proceed like NIA predicted, RVM gained 26% to $5.35 per share. RVM reached a high today of $5.90 for a gain of 195% from NIA's suggestion price!
This news is also very significant for NIA's brand new stock suggestion Mines Management Inc. (MGN). In fact, MGN started to rally after RVM's announcement. MGN finished today up 11% to $2.13.
MGN's Montanore Project is located right next to RVM's Rock Creek project! If RVM is able to proceed with Rock Creek it makes it very likely that MGN will be able to proceed with their Montanore Project as well!
MGN's Montanore Project has a resource base of more than 230 million ounces of silver and nearly 2 billion pounds of copper! MGN, to the best of our knowledge, has the lowest valuation per ounce out of all publicly traded silver exploration companies in the world today!
MGN has $21.98 million in cash and no debt. With only 28.74 million shares outstanding, MGN's market cap at $2.13 is only $61.22 million. If you subtract MGN's cash from its market cap, MGN has an enterprise value of only $39.24 million.
With an enterprise value of only $39.24 million and a resource base of 230 million ounces of silver, that equals a valuation of only $0.17 per ounce! Silver is currently $34 per ounce, meaning that MGN's silver resource base is currently being valued at only 1/2 of 1% the price of silver! No other public silver company we are aware of has a silver resource valuation that is anywhere close to MGN's low valuation!
RVM gained from our suggestion price of $1.9975 to a high today of $5.90 for a gain of 195% and we believe MGN has the potential to make similar gains from our recent suggestion price of $1.92!
NIA's two most recent new stock suggestions before MGN were OPTT and MGP, and they made gains as high as 135% and 151% respectively from NIA's suggestion prices. NIA will not be releasing any new stock suggestions until MGN rises to substantially higher levels.
NIA's suggestion of MGN is completely unbiased. NIA does NOT own a stake in MGN. NIA is NOT being compensated in any way for its suggestion of MGN.
NIA is not an investment advisor. This email is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. Never make investment decisions based on anything NIA says. This email is meant for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide investment advice.
Additional legal disclaimer information: legaldisclaimer.html

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MF Global Steals from NIA's Friend Gerald Celente


NIA's most popular guest who has been featured in many of NIA's previous documentaries is Gerald Celente, President of the Trends Research Institutute and editor of the Trends Journal, which you can subscribe to by going to Celente has been bullish on gold for a long time and has been trading gold since 1978. His strategy is to accumulate gold futures until he owns enough to take delivery of the physical gold. He then holds on to the physical gold for the long-term in order to preserve the purchasing power of his savings.
Celente has a futures account with Lind-Waldock, a division of MF Global Inc. Celente had been accumulating December gold futures and was planning to take delivery of the physical gold next month. Last Monday, Celente received a call from his broker informing him that he had a margin call on his gold futures. Celente thought this was impossible because he knew that he had plenty of funds in his account to meet the margin maintenance requirements. His broker then told him that his money was with the Trustee now and unless he immediately sent over a large amount of cash, his positions would be liquidated.
The Trustee, in coordination with the CFTC, SIPC, and the CME, transferred over 17,000 customer accounts from MF Global to R.J. O'Brien. However, the Trustee only transferred about $1.55 billion or approximately 62% of the $2.5 billion in collateral that MF Global clients had. According to R.J. O'Brien, the accounts they received had only 75% of the margin maintenance requirements related to their accounts. This meant that every single MF Global client was now faced with a margin call and had to deposit additional funds to bring their accounts above R.J. O'Brien's initial margin requirement.
Many gold investors are buying gold to protect themselves from hyperinflation, which could hit the U.S. as soon as next year. Most of these people only keep enough of their wealth in U.S. dollars to pay their short-term bills and aren't in a position to wire over a huge amount of cash the next day. Therefore, most former MF Global clients have seen other people enter into their own personal accounts and sell their assets in recent days.
MF Global's CEO for the past two years was Jon Corzine, who made his fortune as CEO of Goldman Sachs and went on to become governor of New Jersey. Corzine should know a thing or two about taking major risks. After all, Corzine was one of the Wall Street CEOs that helped orchestrate the bailout of Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) in 1998 after LTCM borrowed 97% of the money that they invested heavily into Russian sovereign debt that Russia defaulted on.
MF Global, with Corzine at the helm, invested $6.3 billion into the bonds of Italy, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, and Portugal. These bonds were set to mature next year and Corzine thought that as long as none of these countries defaulted on their debt, MF Global would make a large profit. Corzine apparently agreed with NIA's viewpoint that the ECB is likely to bailout any large eurozone countries and rescue them from default.
Unfortunately, Corzine made the same mistake LTCM did and used leverage of over 40 to 1. MF Global had over $40 billion in assets, but had less than $1 billion in equity. Last month after it was disclosed that FINRA forced MF Global to increase their net capital backing its European sovereign debt position, ratings agencies downgraded MF Global's debt, clients pulled funds from their accounts, and shareholders sold their positions, forcing the company to file for bankruptcy.
There is now $600 million missing from the accounts of MF Global clients. Any brokerage firm is legally required to segregate their funds from the personal funds of clients so that if the firm goes under, their clients' money is safe. It is amazing how absolutely nobody in the mainstream media is excusing Corzine of doing anything wrong, when $600 million in funds is still missing weeks after MF Global filed for bankruptcy. It is impossible for this to have been an honest accounting mistake. These funds are not just going to turn up anytime soon.
Obviously, there must have been some kind of criminal wrongdoing by Corzine. Most likely, this money was used by Corzine to back their European sovereign debt positions as money was flowing out of the firm in its final hours and more funds were needed to be put up to prevent forced liquidations. It is insane how after every news story about MF Global in the mainstream media, they almost always say, "Corzine hasn't been accused of any wrongdoing." You can bet if somebody like Ron Paul was CEO of MF Global, who is against the unconstitutional actions of the Federal Reserve, he would've already been arrested for using the funds of clients. However, if somebody like Ron Paul was CEO of MF Global, not only would he not have used clients' funds for corporate purposes, but his first step after taking over as CEO of MF Global would have been to reduce their leverage and get the firm out of debt.
Corzine is without a doubt directly responsible for the $600 million in missing funds, but because he regularly has $35,800 per plate fundraisers for Obama, he remains free while Celente and other MF Global clients are left wondering if they will ever see their money again. Interestingly, when MF Global had their latest bond offering, it said right in the prospectus that if Corzine was appointed by Obama to become Treasury Secretary and confirmed by Congress, those MF Global investors would receive 1% in extra interest on their bonds. The only good thing that will come out of MF Global's bankruptcy is that Corzine now has no chance of becoming Treasury Secretary and bankrupting our country in less than two years like he did to MF Global and almost did to the State of New Jersey. Unfortunately, the U.S. will likely experience hyperinflation in less than two years no matter who is Treasury Secretary, because we are at a point where our debt can only be paid back through monetization by the Federal Reserve.
If you would like your friends and family members to be among the first to see NIA's 'Occupy Wall Street the Documentary' coming soon, please tell them to become a member of NIA for free immediately at:

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

ECB Preparing Italy Bailout, Massive Inflation Coming

ECB Preparing Italy Bailout, Massive Inflation Coming

Italy's 10 year bond yields rose above 7% on Wednesday and economists from around the world are now proclaiming that these interest rates are unsustainable with Italy's national debt now 120% of its GDP. NIA believes the ECB is currently working on their largest bailout in history where they will commit to purchasing over €1 trillion of Italian bonds and bonds of other eurozone countries that are at risk of becoming insolvent. Despite the signals currently being given by the ECB, they will not allow Italy to fail because it will cause a Great Depression throughout the European Union, which will lead to the destruction of the eurozone.

Economists today fail to realize that 10 year bond yields of 7% are normal for not just Italy, but the rest of the eurozone and the United States. If it wasn't for the ECB holding their benchmark interest rate at artificially low levels for over a decade, Italy and other eurozone countries wouldn't have the high levels of debt they do today and they would be able to withstand yields of 7% or higher. The ECB is entirely at fault for the European Debt Crisis and they are about to follow in the footsteps of the Federal Reserve by abandoning their objective of maintaining price stability and keeping inflation low.
German 10 year bond yields declined again today to 1.72% and the spread between Germany and Italy is at a new record of 553 basis points. Germany is benefiting from safe haven buying from investors selling Italian bonds and buying German bonds, but investors will soon realize that German bonds are no better than Italian bonds and the world will dump all Euro denominated bonds.
Bond investors currently expect very little inflation in the eurozone, as seen by Germany's low bond yields. The sole reason for the large spread between German and Italian bonds is Italy's greater risk of default. However, a default by Italy would lead to the failure of Germany's largest banks. Germany knows this but they don't want to raise inflation expectations by making the world think that the ECB will be monetizing Italy's debt. Therefore, Germany is now telling Italy to request aid from the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) if needed.
Unfortunately, the EFSF doesn't have the financial resources to rescue a country the size of Italy. Last week, the EFSF had to cancel a €3 billion auction of 10 year bonds due to a lack of investor interest. On Monday, the EFSF finally had the bond sale, but was met with subdued interest that barely covered the €3 billion in bonds being offered. So far the EFSF has only raised a total of €13 billion through bond sales, but has received €440 billion in guarantees from eurozone countries. If Italy becomes a recipient of EFSF funding, the EFSF will lose one of their largest contributors.
The EFSF is looking to leverage up its €440 billion in funding to over €1 trillion. The European Debt Crisis was caused by too much leverage and debt. It is complete insanity to believe that the EFSF is going to solve the debt crisis when it too is getting deeply into debt and planning to use huge leverage to increase their funds available for bailouts.
There was recently a report that a proposal was made at the G20 summit last week in Cannes for Germany and other leading countries in the eurozone to pool together their foreign currency reserves including their gold reserves to back the EFSF, which would allow it to easily leverage up their funds and raise more money through bond sales. As soon as this report surfaced, Germany immediately announced to the world that they will not be using their gold reserves to boost the EFSF and that their gold reserves are "untouchable".
Germany's unwillingness to use their gold reserves clearly shows that gold is the real safe haven where individuals should store their savings if they want to keep their purchasing power. Investors buying German 10 year bonds with a yield of only 1.72% should ask themselves why Germany is willing to fund the EFSF with Euros but not their gold. Maybe investors will come to their senses and change their mind about buying any Euro denominated bonds.
For the past decade there has been a bond bubble in both Europe and the U.S. where we have seen bond yields at artificially low levels for an unprecedented amount of time. This has caused modern economists to believe that low bond yields are the new normal. When central banks interfere in the free market by manipulating interest rates to artificially low levels, it creates asset bubbles that eventually burst. When asset bubbles burst, the free market takes over and attempts to correct the damage by raising interest rates to extremely high levels, which encourages consumers to reduce their consumption and increase their savings.
NIA believes that over the next five years, 10 year bond yields will reach double digit territory throughout the eurozone and the U.S. The free market wants countries like Greece and Italy to default on their debts and restructure them, which is why their bond yields are rising so high. Although Greece and Italy have the highest debt levels in the eurozone as a percentage of GDP, the whole entire eurozone borrowed too much and has too much debt. Germany and France both know that the failure of Italy will spread to them when German and French banks with Italian debt begin to fail. The EFSF will soon be exposed as a failure itself when it is unable to attract the funding necessary to rescue eurozone countries in need of bailouts. Unless the ECB decides to bailout eurozone countries through the EFSF by buying their bonds, the ECB will be forced to directly monetize debts across the entire eurozone.
Even though the destruction of the eurozone seems imminent, NIA believes it will take time to play out. Most likely, in about two or three months from now the media will begin focusing its attention on the U.S. crisis. When the spotlight is off Italy, their bond yields will temporarily dip back down, but U.S. bond yields will skyrocket. The U.S. national debt is very close to breaking 100% of GDP, which will likely be a catalyst for investors to begin dumping their U.S. dollar denominated assets. The U.S. has unfunded liabilities many times the size of Italy's unfunded liabilities. Including unfunded liabilities, while Italy's total debts are approximately 300% of their GDP, the U.S. has total debts equaling about 600% of its GDP.
Austerity cuts are becoming very common in the eurozone and although citizens still protest them, it has become politically acceptable for politicians in Italy and other eurozone countries to support them. Italy's cash budget deficit as a percentage of GDP is currently only 3.9% and their national debt has been barely growing. The U.S. cash budget deficit as a percentage of GDP is currently 8.7%, more than double Italy, and the U.S. national debt has been growing at a record rate. Americans are used to stimulus over austerity. Members of Congress are too afraid to make necessary spending cuts. The U.S. has a budget deficit from entitlement programs and interest payments on the debt alone.
The supercommittee created by Congress to recommend $1.5 trillion in deficit reductions by November 23rd, so far hasn't agreed to make reductions to any entitlement programs. The Democrats and Republicans have so far only reached consensus on changing the way the government calculates inflation for Social Security cost of living adjustment (COLA) increases. They want to calculate inflation by using a new chain weighted CPI, which will understate inflation even more than the current CPI they use.
Based on how the current CPI has been miscalculating inflation for decades, Social Security recipients today should be receiving approximately triple their current payments. All Americans should be outraged that the government is planning to once again reduce the deficit through deception, when they should be eliminating wasteful government agencies like the Department of Energy, the Department of Education, and the Department of Homeland Security, while bringing our troops home from the middle east and immediately cutting overseas military spending in half so that we have the resources to better protect ourselves at home.
The extremely high levels of debt in both Europe and the U.S. need to be liquidated as soon as possible. If Italy can't sustain itself with 7% interest rates, which is only average on a historical basis, think about how large the crisis will be in the U.S. when interest rates here reach 15% as price inflation spirals out of control. Less than three months ago Italy's interest rates were below 5%. Fundamentally, Italy's economy is the same as it was three months ago, but perceptions in the marketplace change quickly. Today, U.S. treasuries are still perceived to be a safe haven, but this will change 180 degrees in no time.
Just like how the U.S. government understates inflation when calculating COLA adjustments, they also understate inflation when calculating GDP growth. The U.S. recently reported 3Q GDP growth of 1.62% on a year-over-year basis, which used a price deflator of only 2.52%. If they used the real rate of price inflation, they would have reported negative GDP growth. The Federal Reserve just lowered forecasts for U.S. GDP growth in 2012 to between 2.5% and 2.9%, down from a forecast in June of between 3.3% and 3.7%. In order to ensure that we even meet the Fed's new projections, the Fed will soon be launching QE3. NIA predicts that the Fed will use fears of contagion from the European Debt Crisis as their excuse for launching QE3 in the near-future. Combined with massive inflation from Europe as the ECB monetizes debt to save banks with exposure to Italian bonds, gold will soon skyrocket to new all time highs with silver likely beginning to once again outperform gold.
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

European Debt Crisis Facts and Truth

European Debt Crisis Facts and Truth

The mainstream media as of late has been focusing its total attention on the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and seemingly has forgotten that we have a much larger debt crisis in the U.S. that hasn't gone away and is only getting worse. Many global economists have been saying in recent weeks that if the European Central Bank (ECB) only went the way of the Federal Reserve, eurozone nations wouldn't be in the desperate situation they are in today. NIA believes that the ECB has already been acting just like the Fed, just not to the same extent.
Mario Draghi just took over as the new President of the ECB and as his first act in office, Draghi lowered the ECB's benchmark interest rate by 0.25% to 1.25%. The ECB's interest rate of 1.25%, while not quite as low as the Fed Funds Rate of 0% to 0.25%, is still very inflationary. The ECB's primary stated objective has always been maintaining price stability and containing inflation. However, with all of the rioting and civil unrest that took place in Greece in response to major austerity cuts, public officials in countries like Spain have been putting pressure on the ECB to abandon their objective to maintain price stability and instead focus on helping fuel growth.
In May of 2010, eurozone countries along with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed to rescue Greece from default by giving them a €110 billion loan. Of the €110 billion loan, eurozone countries agreed to contribute €80 billion of the funds, including Germany providing €29.3 billion and France providing €22 billion. The IMF agreed to contribute the remaining €30 billion.
Unfortunately for Greece, their bond yields have been skyrocketing and they have been finding it difficult to raise money on their own. Greece is now in need of additional rescue funds. In July of 2011, after Greece's two year bond yield rose as high as 40.46%, European leaders negotiated in Brussels a deal to provide Greece with a new bailout of €109 billion in rescue loans. After this deal was announced, Greece's two year bond yield declined to 25.66% in just two days.
In August, Greece's two year bond yield started to surge once again, surpassing July's high of 40.46%. In mid-September, Moody's downgraded the credit ratings for the eight largest Greek banks, sending the two year bond yield to a new high in September of 84.52%. In early October 2011, Greece raised their 2011 budget deficit estimate as a percentage of GDP to 8.5%, well short of the 7.6% target that Greece promised to meet as a condition of the bailout package agreed to in July.
In late-October, European leaders abandoned their proposal from July and announced a new shocking bailout plan for Greece. Not only did they agree to give Greece new rescue funding of €130 billion, but in an additional part of the agreement, banks holding Greek bonds have agreed to accept a 50% haircut on the money they are owed by Greece. Greece Prime Minister George Papandreou, instead of accepting the deal on his own, announced that he was going to hold a referendum so that Greek citizens can vote on the deal.
Papandreou's proposed referendum infuriated leaders of Germany and France, who expressed their frustrations with Papandreou and threatened to pull the plug on the bailout deal. Greek bond investors once again panicked, sending the two year yield all the way up to a new high of 107.26%. Papandreou later announced that he was canceling the referendum, but still faced calls from the opposition to resign. Papandreou survived a confidence vote this weekend but is planning to soon step down to allow the creation of a new national unity government.
NIA believes that the best decision for Greece and its citizens would be to turn down the new bailout deal and declare bankruptcy. Greece would be best off leaving the eurozone and creating their own fiat currency. The bailouts are doing nothing to help the citizens of Greece, they are only helping the German and French banks that recklessly purchased Greek bonds at artificially low interest rates. If Greece declares bankruptcy, the country won't self-destruct. All of their infrastructure will still exist, but their debts will be eliminated and Greek citizens will enjoy a higher standard of living.
The only good news to come out of the European debt crisis so far is that the banks are willing to accept a 50% haircut on their Greek bonds. If the U.S. is going to survive its debt crisis without creating hyperinflation, it will need to convince its creditors to take an even larger haircut on U.S. treasuries. Unfortunately for Americans, the U.S. will never admit that it can't pay back its debts. The U.S. debt crisis is even worse than Greece, but the U.S. has a printing press that it will use to pay back China, Japan, and our other creditors, which will steal the remaining purchasing power of American citizens who don't have their savings in gold and silver.
The uncertainties and fears surrounding Greece are now spreading to Italy, which saw its 10 year bond yield skyrocket in recent days to a new Euro-era high today of 6.66%. Greece's liquidity problems began last year after their 10 year bond yield rose above 6%. Many people believe that Italy is becoming the next Greece and is now at risk of defaulting on its debt.
Even though Italy's debt to GDP ratio is 120%, the second highest out of eurozone countries behind Greece, Italy's budget deficit as a percentage of GDP is among the lowest in the eurozone at only 3.9%. It is insane for Italy's 10 year bond yield to be 6.66% with the U.S. 10 year bond at only 2.04%. The U.S. has no chance of ever balancing its budget and will likely see its deficit explode to new highs in the years ahead. Italy, on the other hand, could realistically balance its budget if it implements reform measures to cut spending.
NIA believes that Italy's 10 year bond yield is near a short-term peak because everybody has become negative on Italy all at once. It will likely decline back below 6% in the near future as Italy implements more austerity cuts. America's strategy to grow its way out of its own debt crisis will only create massive price inflation without any real economic growth. Before long, U.S. bond yields will surge faster than anybody has ever seen in history. In a few months, the media will forget about Italy and focus their attention on the U.S.
Although a 10 year bond yield for Italy above 6% may be a new high for the Euro-era, Italy's 10 year bond yield averaged well above 6% for many decades before the eurozone was created. Italy made a major mistake by joining the eurozone. Before joining the eurozone, Italy was able to survive even when their 10 year yield reached a high of 13.75% in 1995. After joining the eurozone, Italy was able to borrow money at interest rates that were manipulated to artificially low levels by the ECB. If Italy's bond yields were still being set by the free market this past decade, they would have no where near the level of debt they do today.
Many investors selling Italian bonds are now buying German bonds, because Germany has a low debt to GDP ratio and one of the world's largest manufacturing bases. German 10 year bond yields are now 1.78%, a record 488 basis points below Italy. This huge spread will not last and NIA believes investors are making a mistake by buying German debt over Italian debt. There is no chance of Italy being allowed to default on its debt. If Italy ever gets to the very edge of insolvency, Germany and France will allow the ECB to monetize Italy's debt. If Italy went bankrupt, many of the largest banks in Germany and France would fail. The ECB will not allow this to happen.
As bad as things are in Europe today, with the media making it seem like Euro Armageddon is fast approaching, you would expect the Euro to currently be collapsing on a daily basis. The Euro, which ended last year at $1.34, has risen so far in 2011 to $1.38. This shows that even with all of the inflation being created by the ECB, it is nothing compared to the inflation being created by the Fed. The U.S. is lucky for the European debt crisis because it is taking attention away from our problems and allowing the Fed to secretly prepare QE3 while our bond yields are still near record lows.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

NIA Exposes Occupy Wall Street Truth

NIA Exposes Occupy Wall Street Truth

The Occupy Wall Street movement is gaining tons of momentum and is likely to continue picking up steam in the weeks and months ahead. Americans are angry but they aren't exactly sure what they are angry about and they don't know for sure who they should be angry with. It is easy for them to point their fingers at Wall Street, but Wall Street is in no way responsible for the financial crisis our country has today.

NIA believes that Occupy Wall Street protesters need to be educated to the facts and truth about the U.S. economy and what is truly causing our economic problems. NIA is getting ready to release 'Occupy Wall Street the Documentary', which NIA has produced so that Occupy Wall Street protesters can understand exactly what changes need to be made in America if our country is going to survive the Hyperinflationary Great Depression that will soon hit America and steal all remaining purchasing power that the U.S. dollar still has left.

NIA first saw signs of the protests taking place today back in November of 2009 when we were in Beverly Hills filming our documentary 'The Dollar Bubble'. We were alerted by NIA members to a major protest that was breaking out at the University of California. We went to see it and witnessed a very violent protest of students upset about a 32% increase in college tuition for the next semester.

The UCLA protest showed us just how angry Americans can  become about inflation. Because we were forecasting massive food inflation to start breaking out in 2010, we made the prediction that we would see large "End the Fed" protests beginning in 2010. We did see massive food inflation in late 2010, accelerating greatly throughout 2011. However, we overestimated the ability for average Americans to quickly point the finger at the Federal Reserve. We also didn't expect many citizens of foreign countries, especially Arab nations, to begin protesting before Americans did.

About one year after the violent UCLA tuition inflation protest that we witnessed, a larger even more violent tuition inflation protest broke out in London. When Prince Charles' security detail made the mistake of driving him and the Duchess of Cornwall past the area where the protest was taking place, in a vehicle that cost more than what each protester will earn in the next ten years combined, about 50 of the protesters broke through the motorcycle police protecting the Prince chanting "Off with their heads!", beating on the side of their Rolls-Royce with sticks and bottles. Luckily, the car was armored and only suffered minor damages, keeping Prince Charles and the Duchess safe. A Jaguar behind it containing police officers was destroyed to the extent that the officers ended up using car doors from the Jaguar as shields, which still couldn't prevent six of them from being seriously injured.

The food inflation protests that NIA had been expecting for over a year, started to break out in late January of this year in Algeria, with citizens chanting "Bring Us Sugar!" Eight citizens were killed during the protests in Algeria. This quickly spread to a massive outbreak of civil unrest in neighboring Tunisia, where thousands protested food inflation and high unemployment. The Tunisian revolution led to the ousting of longtime President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, but came at the expense of 79 protesters being killed.

This rapidly spread to the riots in Egypt. Before the Egyptian protests even began, six Egyptian citizens committed suicide in front of government buildings by dousing themselves with fuel and lighting themselves on fire. All together, 846 protesters were killed across different parts of Egypt and over 6,000 more were injured. The Egyptian protesters were eventually successful at getting Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to resign from office.

NIA saw the resignation of Mubarak as a farce from the beginning. We couldn't understand how thousands of angry Egyptians who were calling for Mubarak's head would within seconds of his resignation announcement erupt into cheers like Egypt had just won the World Cup. The resignation of one man would not eliminate the corruption in Egypt's government and fix their inflation and jobs crisis. Most of Mubarak's cronies are still in power. Mubarak agreed to just take one for the team. For the protesters to declare victory and go home after one man announced his resignation shows that most of the protesters were sheep who were just copying their friends without having a real grasp on the issues affecting the economy in Egypt. What if Mubarak came back on television and said "I was just kidding" or "I just changed my mind and decided not to resign", would the protesters have come back?

After Egypt, the protests spread to Jordan and Yemen. Once again, food inflation was the main root cause of the protests, something that the mainstream media in the U.S. largely ignored when reporting on the protests. The American mainstream media was not allowed to discuss inflation when corresponding about the global inflation protests, because it didn't want the world to connect the dots and realize that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is more responsible for the global food inflation crisis and protests than the leader of any foreign country.

Because of the U.S. dollar's status as the world's reserve currency, the majority of the world's most important agricultural and energy commodities are traded in U.S. dollars. When Bernanke prints trillions of dollars out of thin air in an attempt to reinflate the Real Estate bubble and lower unemployment in the U.S., it has a direct affect on what foreigners pay for all goods and services around the world. With China printing massive amounts of Yuan to keep it pegged to the U.S. dollar and the Bank of Japan intervening to keep the Yen from appreciating too rapidly against the U.S. dollar, countries like Australia are now quick to blame any short-term dip in manufacturing, agriculture production, or energy commodity exports on their currency being too strong against not just the U.S. dollar but the Yen, Yuan, and most other fiat currencies.

In just the last two weeks, the Australian dollar has risen 9.5% against the Yen, 8.5% against the U.S. dollar, and 8.6% against the Yuan. It should be no surprise to NIA members that attempts to copy "Occupy Wall Street" in Australia have been dismal. After 1,000 protesters initially showed up in Sydney on Saturday for their own "Occupy Wall Street" protest that was supposed to continue "indefinitely", less than 50 protesters remained on Monday as most people returned to work. Australia doesn't have an inflation or unemployment crisis because their central bank did the right thing and raised interest rates to 4.75% at a time when everybody else was lowering them. This is why since the inception of NIA we have always suggested Australia as our top choice for Americans to move to if they want to get out of harms way before hyperinflation hits the U.S. We hope that the Reserve Bank of Australia will continue to do the right thing and ignore calls from all around the world for them to lower rates.

The mainstream media is currently once again focused on the financial crisis in Europe, which is temporarily distracting from the debt crisis that really matters in the U.S. On Halloween, the official U.S. national debt for the first time ever will surpass U.S. GDP. At any time now without any warning or any new catalyst, we could see a huge onslaught of dollar dumping that causes the economic equivalent of 9/11.

There is no hope of preventing hyperinflation in America when President Obama is unwilling to consider any measure that would cut government spending in a meaningful way. In August when the Budget Control Act of 2011 was enacted by Congress, the mainstream media was widely reporting that the "supercommittee" formed by the act would be in charge of finding $1.5 trillion in spending cuts by Thanksgiving. In reality, this "supercommittee" that Obama was so heavily relying on to pay for his proposals in his "jobs bill", is not responsible for finding $1.5 trillion in spending cuts but only a $1.5 trillion reduction in the budget deficit over 10 years.

Obama promises to veto any proposals that make large spending cuts, especially to entitlement programs. Many Democrats are calling for a new 5% "surcharge" on Americans earning over $1 million per year. Within a few years, an annual income of $1 million will only have the purchasing power of what a $100,000 salary has today. This proposed new tax would discourage small business owners from expanding and hiring new employees. It would destroy any remaining hope that is left for a real economic recovery and encourage most American entrepreneurs to leave the country permanently.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) yesterday released their consumer price index (CPI) data for the month of September. The BLS reported year-over-year CPI growth of 3.87%, the highest rate of U.S. price inflation in three years. The official government reported year-over-year U.S. price inflation rate of 3.87% for September was up from 3.77% in August, 3.63% in July, 3.56% in June, 3.57% in May, 3.16% in April, 2.68% in March, 2.11% in February, 1.63% in January, 1.5% in December, and 1.1% in November. Year-over-year increases in the CPI have risen by 252% over the last ten months.

Even year-over-year core-CPI growth rose for the 11th straight month to 1.97% in September, an increase of 223% from year-over-year growth of 0.61% in November. NIA estimates the real rate of U.S. price inflation to currently be 8.5% on a year-over-year basis. It was just announced that American retirees receiving Social Security will receive a 3.6% COLA increase, the first increase since 2009. Social Security is the main reason the U.S. government reports artificially low CPI numbers. By giving retired Americans only a 3.6% Social Security payment increase when real price inflation is now 8.5%, Congress gets to spend the difference in the ways they see fit.

With inflation spiraling out of control, the government knows that they soon won't be able to afford even the artificially low COLA increases they are making today. Congress is now exploring ways to keep future COLA increases as low as possible. Many clueless Keynesian economists in Washington are now arguing that the inflation measure the government uses to calculate COLA increases, the CPI-W, is overestimating true increases in the cost of living. These economists claim that Americans can shift between items and if veal prices are rising too much, they can eat chicken or if lobster prices are rising too much, they can eat shrimp. They propose that the government switches to a version of CPI that accounts for these changes, called "chain weighted" CPI.

All Americans know that their cost to maintain the same standard of living has increased by a lot more than 3.6% over the past year. The CPI-W being used today already artificially understates inflation so much that current Social Security recipients deserve to be receiving triple their current payments. If "chain weighted" CPI was being used today, American seniors would only receive a 3% COLA increase next year.

If the U.S. government did the right thing and invested all FICA tax receipts into gold, it would be able to give Social Security recipients an increase next year of around 8.5% like they should be entitled to. American seniors are being hurt most by inflation because health care has consistently had the highest rate of inflation out of all goods and services. A COLA increase of 3.6% is nothing when NIA estimates the real rate of health care inflation to currently be 15% or 76.5% higher than the overall real rate of price inflation. To artificially lower COLA increases even more would mean utter devastation to the U.S. economy as seniors would need to reenter the workforce and Americans with jobs would need to stop spending money on goods and services in order to help their parents. This would mean even less jobs for the youth in America and less support for them from their parents.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

NIA Inflation Update and Exclusive China Report

NIA Inflation Update
The official CPI based price inflation rate on a year-over-year basis rose again in the month of August to 3.77% compared to 3.63% in July, 3.56% in June, 3.57% in May, 3.16% in April, 2.68% in March, 2.11% in February, 1.63% in January, 1.5% in December, 1.1% in November, and 1.17% in October. From the low in November, year-over-year CPI growth has increased by 243%!
Inflation is now spreading beyond food and energy and to the areas the Fed focuses on with core-CPI, which deceptively excludes food and energy. Core-CPI has now risen 10 months in a row and core-CPI is about to break the Fed's unofficial 1.5% to 2% target range, which will hopefully convince the Fed to finally believe there is an inflation crisis, something NIA members knew back when the Fed was still worried about deflation.
Core-CPI was up 1.95% in August on a year-over-year basis compared to 1.77% in July and 1.64% in June. Because the BLS likes to round all CPI numbers, core-CPI on a year-over-year basis is now officially 2% and at the top end of the Fed's unofficial target range. Back in October of 2010, year-over-year core-CPI growth reached a low of 0.6%.
From October until today, core-CPI growth on a year-over-year basis has risen from 0.6% to 1.95% for a gain of 225%. From October until today, regular CPI growth on a year-over-year basis has risen from 1.17% to 3.77% for a gain of 222%.
Changes in year-over-year core-CPI growth excluding food and energy were actually higher since October than changes in year-over-year regular CPI growth, which shows that the Fed will soon no longer be able to ignore skyrocketing price inflation. NIA believes real U.S. price inflation now exceeds 8% on a year-over-year basis.
Exclusive NIA China Stock Report Coming
NIA believes there is a once in a lifetime, very limited time opportunity today to enter China stocks trading on major U.S. exchanges at artificially low fire sale prices. Most China stocks that trade in the U.S. are down between 50% and 90% from their 52-week highs and they are almost all at or near 52-week lows. NIA has been spending hundreds of hours of time in recent months researching nearly every single Chinese company that trades on major U.S. exchanges.
We believe that real legitimate Chinese stocks that have been beaten down for no reason, will soon double or triple in value in the very short-term. The purpose of our report is to find these companies set to make massive short-term gains, while exposing the China stocks that could be scams due to major red flags that we have discovered.
The majority of China stocks in the U.S. are real, but there are many Chinese scams out there. NIA's report will be the most important report ever released in world history for investors in Chinese stocks. Those who invest into the right Chinese stocks that are artificially low for no reason can make a huge fortune in the short-term. However, it is important to avoid companies that could have major accounting problems down the road.
NIA's report will feature many China stocks in the U.S. that have P/E ratios as low as 1 or 2. NIA's report will feature many China stocks in the U.S. that are trading below cash and for well below working capital and shareholder equity. NIA's report will tell you which of these companies are for real with the potential to gain thousands of percent this decade, and which of these companies could be scams that will crash to zero.

If you would like information on how you can receive this exclusive report coming early this week, please visit the following link and join this special email list we have setup:

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chinese stocks at near 52 weeks lows!

Over the past few months, NIA has spent a countless number of hours researching nearly every single Chinese stock that trades on U.S. exchanges. Chinese stocks in the U.S. today are more beaten down and undervalued than any type of stock in history. NIA is aware of many real Chinese companies trading below cash, with P/E ratios as low as 1, and with rapidly growing revenues and profits.
NIA is in the process of writing what will by far be our biggest stock suggestion report of all time. NIA's exclusive new report is going to rank nearly every single Chinese stock in order from the Chinese stocks that we believe are the most risky, to the Chinese stocks that we believe are the most undervalued with the greatest potential to make monster percentage gains.
The overwhelming majority of Chinese stocks are currently trading at or near 52-week lows with most Chinese stocks down between 50% and 90% from their 52-week highs. NIA believes that we will soon see dozens of Chinese stocks double or triple in value within just weeks. There are dozens of legitimate Chinese stocks at artificially low levels and these fire sale prices for Chinese stocks will not last for long. In our opinion, we could be days away from a massive short squeeze in all legitimate Chinese stocks that have fallen for no reason.
NIA's report will also expose what Chinese stocks are "too good to be true" with red flags and potential accounting irregularities. Our unbiased report will expose the companies that we believe investors should avoid because they could be scams.
As Warren Buffett likes to say, to become wealthy you need to buy when investors are fearful and sell when investors are greedy. NIA is 100% sure that we have reached a capitulation point in Chinese stocks. It is impossible for the investment community to become any more fearful about Chinese stocks that trade in the U.S. than they already are today. Although NIA is not an investment advisor and doesn't provide investment advice or any buy or sell recommendations, NIA believes that those who buy the right Chinese stocks today that have been beaten down artificially low for no reason, stand to make the biggest short-term gains on a percentage basis ever before seen in stock market history.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Truth About Obama's Jobs Bill, more lies and deception

The Truth About Obama's Jobs Bill

On Thursday evening, President Obama gave a speech to a joint session of Congress discussing the jobs situation here in America. The purpose of Obama's speech was to convince the American public and their elected representatives in Washington to support Obama's new $447 billion 'American Jobs Act', which has a cost that is 49% larger than the $300 billion act most people were expecting. NIA believes this bill will do nothing to reduce unemployment in America and that it is nothing but another stimulus bill in disguise that will add to our budget deficits.

Obama's bill proposes a $4,000 per employee tax credit for businesses that hire somebody who was previously unemployed for 6 months or more, at a cost of $8 billion. At the same time, Obama wants to extend emergency unemployment compensation (EUC), which allows Americans who have exhausted standard unemployment benefits that last for 26 weeks to continue receiving them for between 20 and 53 additional weeks. EUC benefits are set to expire at the end of 2011 and continuing them through the end of 2012 will cost U.S. taxpayers $49 billion.

It is totally absurd for Obama to give employers money to attempt to hire people he is simultaneously paying to stay out of work. What makes this even more outrageous is that employers have an incentive not to hire recently laid off workers, when only those unemployed for 6 months or more will bring them a $4,000 check. If this bill is passed it will make the unemployment situation in America far worse than it already is.

NIA has heard from members who own farms and have positions on their farms available, but can't find anybody interested in working for them and filling the available positions. Every time they hire somebody to work on their farm, the worker purposely does a poor job and tries to get fired. Their sole purpose of getting a job is to convince their local unemployment agency that they are trying to find employment so that they can keep receiving unemployment benefits, when in reality they are trying to take advantage of the system.

Obama is right that any future recovery will be driven by our businesses and our workers, but if Washington wants to make a positive difference the only step it should take to improve our people's lives, is get out of their lives. It is impossible for any piece of legislation including Obama's 'American Jobs Act', to improve the employment situation here in America. Obama needs to remove any government programs already in place that interfere with the free market. NIA believes that if the U.S. eliminated all unemployment benefits and also got rid of the minimum wage, it would cause the unemployment rate to return to healthy levels.

U.S. employees earning up to $106,800 annually currently pay a 4.2% payroll tax that is scheduled to revert back to 6.2% in 2012. Obama not only doesn't want employee payroll taxes to raise back up to the historical level of 6.2%, which went into effect in 1990, but he wants to further reduce them to 3.1% for 2012. The annual cost of this employee payroll tax reduction is estimated to be $175 billion. In an attempt to help small businesses, Obama also wants to cut employer side payroll taxes in half from 6.2% to 3.1% on the first $5 million of payroll, while eliminating employer side payroll taxes for new hires. The annual cost of this employer side payroll tax reduction is estimated to be $65 billion.

NIA believes all payroll taxes should be eliminated. Americans who make payroll tax payments today are paying for other Americans to receive entitlement programs that they will never receive. Social Security and Medicare are already on the verge of insolvency. By the end of this decade, NIA believes Americans receiving Social Security checks will be receiving checks that don't have any purchasing power and aren't worth cashing. Americans would be much better off if they were able to use the money they currently spend on payroll taxes to accumulate physical silver instead. Only Americans with enough savings in physical gold and silver will be able to retire in the future.

Obama's bill also provides $35 billion in state and local government aid, $50 billion in infrastructure repairs, $10 billion for a national infrastructure bank, $30 billion for school modernization and repairs, and $15 billion in housing expenditures. Unfortunately, the jobs Obama's bill will create for construction workers, teachers, veterans, and the long-term unemployed, are only temporary jobs that will vanish after the bill expires, and the money printed to pay these workers will steal from the purchasing power of American workers who already have jobs today. There is no doubt about it that America's infrastructure is decaying and we need to build new roads and bridges, but this is something that we can't afford to do until we return to an economy that is based on production instead of consumption.

We need to return to a trade surplus and begin paying off our debt before we can afford to make investments into infrastructure. China can afford to build newer airports and faster railroads because they have a $254 billion trade surplus and $3.2 trillion in foreign exchange reserves that they are better off spending on infrastructure improvements than keeping parked in U.S. dollars that will soon be worthless.

Obama says that everything in his bill will be paid for, but NIA wonders how? The government is claiming this isn't another stimulus bill and Obama didn't mention the word stimulus once during his speech. The truth is, NIA believes all of the measures in this bill will have to be paid for by borrowing and printing money, which will increase our budget deficit, expand the money supply, and lead to massive price inflation.

The jolt that Obama is trying to give to the economy he admits has stalled, is the same economy he tried to jolt with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which put the U.S. $787 billion deeper into debt. NIA said at the time this stimulus bill was passed that when it failed to produce the results the government said it would, instead of admitting that stimulating the economy failed and reversing course, they will say the stimulus didn't work because it wasn't big enough and attempt to pass further stimulus bills by making new false promises.

Obama is lying to the public just like Congress recently did in regards to its bill to raise the debt ceiling. Congress deceived Americans into believing that in return for raising the debt ceiling so that the government can continue operating as it is today, "spending cuts" would be made to lower future budget deficits. These so called "spending cuts" turned out to be minor reductions to very large spending increases, with even these minor reductions not beginning until early 2013. Government spending is set to rise every single year until the dollar doesn't have any purchasing power left.

Obama said in his speech last night that, "while corporate profits have come roaring back, smaller companies haven't." The reason this is true is only the largest banks and the companies they do business with have direct access to the Federal Reserve's cheap and easy money. If the Fed didn't bail out all of the banks on Wall Street that made risky leveraged up bets with other people's money for the sole purpose of paying their employees huge bonuses, smaller banks would have acquired their assets in bankruptcy court for pennies on the dollar and be prospering today. Instead, small banks that made sound decisions were punished for doing the right thing. The Fed has made it even more difficult than ever for them to compete with the large banks that should be out of business.

If the Fed and Treasury didn't bail out Wall Street, the world wouldn't have come to an end like former-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson conned everybody into believing. The truth is, we would be better off today because the bad assets would have been liquidated. The bad assets that caused the financial crisis of late-2008/early-2009 still exist today. The main difference between back then and now is, the size of the Fed's balance sheet has doubled to $2.862 trillion due to the toxic assets they purchased, and the world is now flooded with excess liquidity of U.S. dollars.

It is impossible for the U.S. not to feel the consequences of the money we squandered fighting wasteful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and maintaining military bases all around the world. It is impossible for the U.S. not to feel the devastating effects of interest rates that have been left artificially low for way too long. When you have an artificial boom, that boom will eventually go bust and the more that is done to prop a phony economy up that is built on U.S. consumers spending money they don't have, the harder the economy will fall in terms of high unemployment, high inflation, and a total lack of purchasing power that will cause a permanent decline in the U.S. standard of living.

The fact that Obama felt the need to demand that Congress pass his bill 17 times in 1 speech, shows that nothing positive will come out of this bill for the average American citizen.  The only people who will benefit from this bill are bankers on Wall Street who are in line to earn huge fees on the infrastructure deals that get funded by the new national infrastructure bank. While the official U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) unemployment rate in August was 9.1%, down from its peak in October of 2009 of 10.1%, the real rate of unemployment including both short and long-term discouraged workers is now 22.8%, up from 22% in October of 2009 and a new high since the Great Depression in 1933. By further impeding the free market, Obama's bill will further misallocate what little resources Americans still have left before hyperinflation arrives.

It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at:

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

College is a SCAM, OH dont you know it?!?

NIA is thrilled to announce that its latest critically acclaimed documentary 'College Conspiracy' just broke 2 million views! NIA's new economic documentary is now 90% complete and it promises to be the most informative and educational documentary ever produced about the U.S. economy! The new and much improved 'NIAnswers' along with NIA's latest update to its unbiased gold and silver seller review will launch coinciding with the new documentary! Stay tuned to NIA's email updates for very important details in the weeks to come!
'College Conspiracy' contained a countless number of priceless economic facts and statistics related to the college education industry, which besides the U.S. Treasury and U.S. dollar bubble, in our opinion is the largest bubble left in the U.S. today. NIA made many predictions in the movie about the upcoming collapse of the college bubble and how student loan default rates will soon skyrocket with college enrollments plummeting at the same time. NIA's goal is to not only prepare Americans for hyperinflation and educate Americans to the facts and truth about the real economic crisis ahead, but to help Americans learn how to prosper and become wealthy while the rest of America goes broke.
On June 24th, NIA released an exclusive private options suggestions report to a select group of NIA members who made a contribution to our organization to help fund our operating expenses. NIA's report contained 8 options suggestions and we rated each option in the report between 1 and 10, with 10 being our most confident options suggestions. Our report only contained one option that we rated a 10 and it was a put option betting that a student loan provider would see its share price collapse in value. NIA was right, from June 24th until now, the stock of the student loan company has declined 25%, with the put option that we suggested finishing Tuesday up 148% from our June 24th suggestion price.
In this same report there were two options that we rated a 9. One was a put option betting that the stock of the college we consider to be the biggest scam in the industry, would collapse in value from its then level. NIA was right, from June 24th until now, the stock of this college has declined 28%, with the put option that we suggested finishing Tuesday up 191% from our June 24th suggestion price.
NIA's report didn't just suggest put options, but it also contained call option suggestions. The second option that we rated a 9 was a call option betting that a security related to gold would skyrocket in value. NIA was right, this gold related security today reached a new 52-week high up 23% from its share price when we released our report, with the call option that we suggested finishing Tuesday up 206% from our June 24th suggestion price.

Gold on Tuesday reached a new all time high of $1,920 per ounce!

NIA's latest public stock suggestion is a gold stock Mega Precious Metals (TSX Venture: MGP) that we suggested on May 18th at $0.37. A short time after our suggestion, MGP announced a 47% increase in its resource base with a large amount of its inferred gold being upgraded to the measured and indicated categories. MGP went on to reach a high on August 15th of $0.93 for a gain of 151%, making it the best performing gold stock during that time period compared to the average junior gold stock only gaining 2%!
At some point this month, MGP is expected to release the resource update for their North Madsen property. We expect to see MGP once again report a very large increase in its gold resources, with a lot more of its inferred gold being upgraded to the measured and indicated categories! At its current price of $0.68, MGP appears to us to be at a short-term bottom and could be setting up to make its next major run back up to new highs, especially if their North Madsen resource update, which could be released any day now, shows a large increase in gold resources along with major upgrades!
NIA's latest private stock suggestion has been the biggest percentage gainer out of all agriculture stocks since we suggested it seven weeks ago! NIA recently discovered both the biggest short-term gold stock gainer and the biggest short-term agriculture stock gainer, during one of the toughest periods in Wall Street history to make money in the stock market!
There is no stock on any U.S. exchanges that is hotter right now than NIA's favorite agriculture stock suggestion and largest stock holding, which as of Tuesday's close has increased on 11 of the last 11 trading days with a total percentage gain during the last 11 trading days of 166%! NIA believes the stock is still a steal because it is trading for below the value of the shares they hold in a major foreign agriculture company. In fact, another even larger foreign agriculture company with nearly $10 billion in annual revenues recently made a $20 million investment to acquire a small stake in one of our agriculture stock suggestion's subsidiaries.
The transaction values our stock suggestion's remaining stake in the subsidiary at a large premium to its market cap at the current share price and that is not including any value at all for their many additional subsidiaries. Once you add in the value of their additional subsidiaries and the assets owned by them, including the value of their technology for producing a special kind of seed you can eat that has been recently winning prestigious awards at national industry leading conferences, we consider this to be the most undervalued agriculture stock in the world today from a fundamental standpoint with the best chance of becoming a huge winner that increases in purchasing power and makes shareholders wealthy during U.S. hyperinflation!
Because of the large position we hold in this company, NIA has never suggested it publicly and never will. We want our public stock suggestions to all be completely unbiased. On July 19th, NIA did send out an "Important NIA Update" alert informing NIA members that if they wanted to learn about this company, they could subscribe to a special email list for more information and details. A few days later, NIA profiled the company to a small exclusive group of NIA members who each made a contribution to help fund our operating expenses. Since that time, NIA increased its position in the company by 51%. We expect the company to soon file their new annual report and report a near 100-fold increase in its annualized revenues.
It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at:
Please remember that NIA is not an investment advisor and you should never make investment decisions based on anything we say. NIA never recommends that you buy or sell any stock or option. Investing in stocks and options is extremely risky and you should never invest what you can't afford to lose. Our coverage of MGP is completely unbiased. We don't own any MGP shares and have never bought or sold a share of it. We have never received any form of compensation whatsoever for our coverage of MGP or any of our stock suggestions. NIA is gaining nothing financially for its coverage of MGP or any of its public stock suggestions. Our legal disclaimer:

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Friday, September 2, 2011

NIA Agriculture Report Update

  NIA in July announced its favorite agriculture stock suggestion to an exclusive group of NIA members who made a contribution to help fund our operating expenses. Not only is this stock NIA's favorite agriculture stock suggestion, but it is NIA's largest stock holding. We promised to keep NIA members who didn't contribute and learn about this company, up-to-date with information on how this stock is performing.   NIA's largest stock holding and favorite agriculture stock suggestion was very volatile in late-July and early-August. After initially making a large short-term gain, it then sold off with the rest of the market and dropped below the price where NIA purchased its position.   NIA never sold a single share during the stock's initial rise because we know with 100% certainty that the true value of the company is many times higher and the stock will reach its true value very soon. When the stock sold off with the rest of the market, we considered ourselves to be blessed. We never thought in a million years that we would have the opportunity to accumulate more shares for below our initial purchase price and average down. Because we are so confident about this stock, we increased our position by 51%!   This was a big risk for us because if we were somehow wrong and the stock kept falling, there is a chance that our organization wouldn't have had the funds to continue operating. However, if we were right, we would have the financial resources to launch many new services in 2012 along with a massive nationwide television advertising campaign to help spread our message and educate as many Americans as possible about how to prepare for hyperinflation and not only survive, but prosper during what will be the worst financial crisis to ever hit our country!   NIA is very proud to announce that as of the close of trading on Thursday, our largest holding and favorite agriculture stock suggestion has now gained 9 trading days in a row! That's right, this stock has gained 9 out of the last 9 trading days for a total gain during the last 9 trading days of 101%!   NIA is extremely happy to inform you that the stock closed Thursday at its highest close since NIA purchased its position and suggested it to an exclusive group of NIA members!   Both the Dow Jones and Nasdaq are still down substantially from late-July and haven't recovered their losses. Not only did NIA's agriculture stock recover its losses, but it went on to make impressive gains. You can trust us that this stock isn't done running yet! Its biggest gains could potentially come between now and the end of 2011!

This agriculture company is about to go from having approximately $4 million in annual revenues to approximately $400 million in annual revenues, literally overnight! The stock is currently only trading for 1/3 of its book value! In fact, just the shares they own in one single publicly traded foreign agriculture company are currently worth 58% above its current share price. If you add in the value of notes they hold in this same company, their investment in this one single company is currently worth 96% above its current share price. We are referring to what their shares and notes in this company are worth right this second as we speak. It is one of the 50 largest companies on the exchange it trades on!
We are almost 100% sure that our agriculture stock suggestion will continue increasing steadily until it gains another 96% and reaches the value of their investment in this foreign agriculture company. Even after it rises 96%, it will still be extremely undervalued! That's right, at the current price it is a STEAL! After rising 96%, we believe it will still be extremely undervalued!
The only reason we believe this stock is trading so low is because for the past 1 1/2 years, the company had very little contact with the investment community. This has now changed, as they just added new people to the Board of Directors and management team who are focused on being in constant contact with shareholders and keeping them up-to-date with all of their latest developments. In the past week and a half, they have had four positive press releases announcing new huge major developments.

Up until a week and a half ago, an exclusive group of NIA members were just about the only people in the world who understood the truth about this company's assets and fundamentals. Now the word is finally spreading. A share price that is 96% higher than its current price would still give this company no value at all for assets that they own in a country that is becoming the world's new superpower.
For starters, this company has well over 10,000 acres of farmland in this rapidly growing nation that is a large creditor of the U.S. Even at a share price 96% higher, this farmland will be receiving no value.
This company also owns proprietary technology for producing special unique seeds that you can eat. They just won three awards out of four awards that were awarded for the best products in this category based on taste and performance! Over 150 types of seeds that you can eat were considered at this industry leading conference and our stock suggestion overwhelmingly dominated with the best products in the nation! Even at a share price 96% higher, their proprietary technology for producing these seeds will be receiving no value.

This company is currently generating well over $4 million in annual revenues from producing and selling these seeds that you can eat in this rapidly growing wealthy nation. Now that their seeds dominated the industry leading conference by taking home most of the very prestigious awards given out, we expect their revenues in this country to multiply! Even at a share price 96% higher, this business with major revenues and huge growth potential will be receiving no value.
We feel bad for those who didn't contribute to be a part of the exclusive group of NIA members who we informed about this company! It unfortunately is very unlikely that we will ever discover an opportunity this big in the agriculture sector again! We will keep you up-to-date in the weeks and months ahead as this stock continues to skyrocket to where it belongs!

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