Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Alpacas and snow snow snow everywhere

Well we are buried in a few inches of snow out in Goochland County Virginia this morning at Furbelow farms. I snapped a few snowy alpaca photos. I will up load them later to Furbelow Alpaca and Cashmere goat farm main site.

Since Alpaca have a split hoof and 4 legs, it is like 8 wheel drive. They run up and down the hill and play and roll in the snow. Alpaca, at least our alpacas love the snow. They don't get to see too much snow out here in Goochland VA.

But we are high on a plateau, the highest point east of Charlottsville Virginia for 30 to 40 miles or so.

The weather at Our Virginia Alpaca Farm is unique. If you watch the news and see on the map where they show Louisa VA, you will notice the temperature is always different in Louisa Virginia than in the surrounding areas.