Monday, December 25, 2006

The Alpaca trailer is ready to go north to get alpacas

Happy Holidays to all. We are ready to head to New Jersey within the next 6 days to pick up 8 of our alpacas. The weather looks nice.

The tempoary shelters and the temporary fencing will be erected this week.

The well was installed so we won't have to fetch water from the creek for them.
Well perhaps initially while we are setting up the watering systems.

We are waiting on the electric company to extend power into the farm.
We are all aproved and just need to get them out there to provide the power.

We are working on getting supplies. There is not much grass for the alpacas to eat yet.
We have visited a place that stock piles orchard grass. While this is expensive in small quantities. In the spring we will secure large amounts of orchard grass to get us through next winter as the pastures may not be full established by then.

This is getting exciting. Three of our female alpacas are pregnant and due around june 07.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Alpaca, all get thier tests for the big move to Virginia

All the Alpaca got thier shots and TB tests are are getting ready for the big move from New Jersey to Virginia, Pearl should be traveling today or tomorrow from Newyork to New Jersey so She can travel with the other 7.

The Date for the trip from New Jersey to Virginia is not set yet. It will be sometime this month.
Pearl has requested a very cold day as she has been getting hot as her pregnancy is starting to affect her.

The Fencing is ready to be erected. The temporary shelters are ready to be put up.

The Alpaca sure hate this warm weather we have been having lately in Virginia.

The trailer got moved to the top of the hill today.