Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Truth regarding the Birth of Yeshua

Certainly by now most folks know the turth regarding the correct day that Yeshua was born,
Spetember 11, 3 B.C.

As retail sales sag, as the economy sinks further and further down, many more folks realize December 25th is the Babalonian Winter harvest festival.

So another pagan holiday comes and goes and nothing changes. Like my dad always said to me when I was a young boy: "The more things change the more they stay the same"

So what is on the Agenda for next year? The great "new" "RAW" deal where the new king will smash the private sector, continue the nationalization of Amerika, by creating "new" jobs and redistributing the wealth. "new: jobs will be created by killing more small businesses than ever in history as the government grows larger and larger and continues its crazy out of control behavior. One World one government is closer than ever, without a righteous King this will never work.

Keep celebrating the wrong thing on the wrong day, and you will continue to get what you always got (what you didn't want).

In order to experiencea CHANGE in your life situation, you are going to have to change some things in your life situation.

Sit on the sidelines and watch if you must but don't later wonder what happened and HOW it happened. The time to act is now.

Stand up and fight now before you lose everything you have and shortly there afterwards you will be amoung those rioting in the streets for food.

The sad fact is that Amerika can NOW be most closely be compared to Israel in the time of Moses, when they were slaves. Americans are slaves now more than ever.

Now is the time to take our country back from all the dishonest liars we have continue to elect to care for our well being.

Keep appointing the foxes to gaurd the hen house and you will steadily lose eggs and soon you will have no eggs and no hens, then you will become VERY hungry.


CONTINENTIAL CONGRESS 2009....The People Draw the Line in the Sand

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Virgnia born alpaca Stella Blue

Looks like Stella Blue already has her first picture on the internet. The Vet was here yesterday,
all is well now. Stella had not had her first bm so the vet had to help her with that.
She left us a nice squirter thing to help the next one ourselves. Thus far we had not experienced this with any of the other previous cria.

This is Logans first cria, it has inherited his dense curly & kinky fiber.
Stella has dried up and even dried up again after her first shower. So now she is clean and fluffy.
She is still learning how to roll.

Today Reggie tore up Misha a bit in a little fight they had. Reggie must have fighting teeth.
Misha got his removed the time before last when the vet was here. He had to be sedated and the vet sawed his fighting teeth out.

Logan remains the most his spot as king of all the alapca. He has quite the collection of dirty fighting tricks and seems to be the biggest and heaviest.

Breeding wise it looks like Turk is going to be bred to Pearl in 12 days. The last 2 times Pearl was bred to a True Black alpaca she had a medium brown cria.

Pearl has lots of milk and is a good alpaca mom. Pearl has to spit at Angel for the first day or so after Stella Blue and Pearl were realesed into the general female alpaca population. All the girls seem to be getting along fine.

Hot Fudge Sundae is due is less than 2 weeks. Her Sire is a beautiful rose grey alapca.
For more details about who is who and who is bred to who please visit the virginia alpaca farm furbelow farms website.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where has 2008 gone?

I can't believe it is more then half way through June now. What a busy year this has been for us on the farm. Let me try to re-cap for you what we have been up to since January.

January - What an exciting month! We drove to Niagara Falls the weekend of the 26th. We stayed for 2 days up there. Why such a short stay? We picked up 2 beautiful alpacas in Cuba, NY on the 28th. Hot Fudge Sundae and Lucio's Turk came to live with us. Sundae is pregnant with Turks fathers cria. She is due in July. We are so excited to have them here.

February - We had an invisible fence put in and then removed. not that they had to remove much, most of it was left above ground. And with boys and animals running around, we were not happy to say the least. Anyways, on the 10th we went to visit Green Fence Farm. They have some wonderful Cashmere Goats, Angora Rabbits, Ducks, Chickens, etc. We bought 2 female goats, Moose and Cinderella. We thought both were pregnant, only turned out that Cinderella was. She had her little kid, Suzi, on 6/7/08. She is so cute. Check out our website to see pics of her. Oh, my little handsome boy Joey turned 1 this month as well on the 14th! He is so big. My cheeks hurt from smiling at him. Started some tomato seeds inside, we will see how they grow.

March - Baseball season! Tyler and Jacob, who turned 10 and 9 this month, started baseball. What a busy month. School was out for Spring Break as well. Its all a blur now, I need to keep up on this blog on a regular basis. I have to pull out all of my calendars to see what I did when...LOL. Anyways, shout-out to my dad who turned 70 in March. Lots of birthdays that month.

April - Nothing too much happened this month, My mom turned 69. We were set to have shearing done but we cancelled it and decided to shear the alpacas ourselves. We watched it last year at another farm and at our own, how hard could it be, right? I shave my boys hair once a year, so I have experience, right? Yeah Right! We ordered all of our supplies to start shearing in May. What a cool month April was to be shearing, and wet!

May - Now the shearing is upon us! We were all set to start on the 3rd. My father, Richard (not the one that turned 70 in March, though he did turn 63 in March, too many to keep up with LOL), decided to have a cook-out at the lake where he owns a trailer on a campsite. Its really a nice place, until Joey decided to swim in the mud and then give me big hugs. Needless to say, we didnt get any shearing done that day. We did start the next day on the 4th with Jacob, not my son Jacob, Alpaca Jacob. (in case you are wondering, he was named that before we got him, alpaca Jacob that is). What a great boy he is! He was so clam and didn't kick or spit. However, we were recommended this certain clipper to use. Now, shearing is only supposed to take about 18 minutes for a professional to do per alpaca. Up to 45 minutes for a beginner. After the first hour, we realized this was not going well. The first few run throughs on his fiber were great, but he soon quickly dulled the blade. We finally just had to let him up, even though he seemed calm and relaxed, we didn't want him to stress out laying there. As soon as he got up, he pooped on our tarp we had laying down. We quickly learned after that to move them away from the area as soon as they got up. We called the supply company and talked extensively with a representative, who informed us we had the wrong clipper, we needed shears and different types of blades. I have no clue how that other farm sheared with those clippers that they originally recommended for us. The new ones worked great. We got them in the mail and started up again on the 25th with Stormy and Logan and Reggie. We tried to stick with similar colors. Those 3 are all True Black Alpacas. They all did great that day! The next day on the 26th, we finished up Misha, Turk and Emeril! We are on a roll now! But due to Logan's fiber being like a brillo pad on his neck, we went through more blades than we had planned. We were able to finish up with Jacob, of course being our first alpaca we ever sheared, we forgot to take off his halter that was on his head, so now he looks like he has an amish beard. We left it, it gives him personality and the girls thinks he is an older On the 17th I took a 2 day fiber class. I can now make alpaca hats, alpaca scarves, felt soap with alpaca, and all things alpaca! Look out for our farm store to be selling all of these products soon!

June - on the 1st we sheared Pearl. Her head was as bad as Logans and our blades quickly dulled. At least we got her belly done. She was due to have her cria on the 14th, so we wanted to get her comfortable. At least we have been blessed with beautiful weather so far this month. So, we ordered more blades and quickly got the rest of the alpaca girls sheared. I have also joined the VAOBA Fiber committee. We are working on some great stuff and I am learning a lot! We also meet once a month for the fiber guild in Orange County, feel free to contact me if you would like to come out, it is at Not The Same Old Grind, its a cute little coffee shop there in town. We meet around 7pm, cant miss us, we will be the ones crafting. Nothing like crafting while you are hopped up on caffeine...of course I am used to it, I just love my coffee in the morning and the afternoon and evening...if they make an IV for it, can someone let me know!

So, for now, we are on Cria watch. Pearl looks as if she is going to pop anytime now! I will start to update this more regularly. Elijah has done all of the bloggin up until now. But, he has passed it on to me. I am rather enjoying it so far, so look for more Furbelow Farm Alpaca and Cashmere Goat updates to come!