Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Virgnia born alpaca Stella Blue

Looks like Stella Blue already has her first picture on the internet. The Vet was here yesterday,
all is well now. Stella had not had her first bm so the vet had to help her with that.
She left us a nice squirter thing to help the next one ourselves. Thus far we had not experienced this with any of the other previous cria.

This is Logans first cria, it has inherited his dense curly & kinky fiber.
Stella has dried up and even dried up again after her first shower. So now she is clean and fluffy.
She is still learning how to roll.

Today Reggie tore up Misha a bit in a little fight they had. Reggie must have fighting teeth.
Misha got his removed the time before last when the vet was here. He had to be sedated and the vet sawed his fighting teeth out.

Logan remains the most his spot as king of all the alapca. He has quite the collection of dirty fighting tricks and seems to be the biggest and heaviest.

Breeding wise it looks like Turk is going to be bred to Pearl in 12 days. The last 2 times Pearl was bred to a True Black alpaca she had a medium brown cria.

Pearl has lots of milk and is a good alpaca mom. Pearl has to spit at Angel for the first day or so after Stella Blue and Pearl were realesed into the general female alpaca population. All the girls seem to be getting along fine.

Hot Fudge Sundae is due is less than 2 weeks. Her Sire is a beautiful rose grey alapca.
For more details about who is who and who is bred to who please visit the virginia alpaca farm furbelow farms website.

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