Friday, December 17, 2010

S 510 Could Go in Another Bill, keep calling your senators

S 510 Could Still Go In a New Funding Bill

Please Call Your Senators Today

Thanks to the calls, emails and prayers of many, S 510 is stalled for the moment since Senators rejected the House Continuing Resolution (CR) - also called the "Omnibus" bill - because of the "extra" bills, like S 510, that were added to it.  The Senate is now working on a short term CR.  They could still attach S 510 to a new CR.



Folks, this effort has been intensified recently, and we hope this will change soon, but this part is not over just yet.  Let's persist and see this through!

                                         PLEASE STAY WITH THIS. 
                                  ANY NEW CONTINUING RESOLUTION BILL.

Please continue to act now if you don't want this legislation to become law.

Tell your Senators that the FDA has not been adequately inspecting the processing facilities and imports it is already authorized to, but it has been raiding farms, buying clubs and small dairies from New York to Washington state and all in between, sending out SWAT teams to hold families at gunpoint in pre-dawn raids.  (Read about the latest raid in Minnesota last week, where state agents raided Minnesota citizens, forcibly taking their food.  Read more about earlier raids ).  S 510 gives sweeping new authority to the FDA to control the food you want to eat.  The amendments to the bill provide little to no protection from these new powers for the vast majority of farms.  And these "exceptions" can be removed if the FDA feels there is "reason to believe" that a farm has a safety issue - they will not need evidence. Worst of all, the Tester amendment sets the precedent that small farms selling directly to the final consumer should be subject to government oversight.  Direct trade from farmer to consumer should never be regulated, inspected, or interfered with in any way by the government .

The FDA's track record of aggressively persecuting small farms, food buying clubs and small dairies speaks for itself.  This, and the fact that the FDA has stated in court that you have no right to consume any particular food, no right to bodily or physical health, and no right to contract is enough reason to not give the FDA any more control over your food.

 Please tell your Senators you are smart enough to decide what you want to eat, and not to give the FDA any more power.


1.  Please call your Senators to keep the food safety bill out of any new Continuing Resolution Bill.

Ask to speak to the aide who handles food safety.  Tell them that new, costly legislation DOES NOT BELONG in the new Continuing Resolution.

Tell them that the FDA has been sending out SWAT teams to raid small farms, food buying clubs and small dairies for several years and this bill would only give the FDA more power.  Tell the aide this bill will make food safety issues worse by eliminating smaller farms - where the healthiest food comes from, and consolidating food production into the industrial facilities that are the primary cause of food safety problems. The Tester-Hagan amendment requires extensive paperwork, does not fix the basic problems with the bill, and sets up government oversight of direct trade. 

Yours for food freedom,

Deborah Stockton, Executive Director
National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (NICFA)

Our purpose is to promote and preserve unregulated direct farmer-to-consumer trade that fosters availability of locally grown or home-produced food products.
NICFA opposes any government funded or managed National Animal Identification System.


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